Caller ID: Ability to change Outbound Caller ID from deskphone

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I have the same issue. I own 3 businesses and would like to be able to call from my deskphone showing business a, b or c as the caller id. On the desktop app and phone app I can select my caller id. But on the deskphone I can't.

Would be great if i could press one of the lines softkeys, that if I select the first one it would be equivalent to doing an outbound call through caller id a, and the second softkey/line would be caller id b....

Any suggestions as to how this can be accomplished through the deskphone? I don't see how this works through the desktop app...since it makes the call from the desktop app.

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Posted 4 years ago

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It's not possible to change the outbound caller ID from the deskphone, however, if you frequently need to change it, I can see how this would be useful.  I will move your post to create a new Idea topic so our product team can take this idea into consideration. 

If you frequently need to change outbound caller ID it's probably best to use the desktop application. 
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Has there been any progress on this function. I too often change my caller id, based on multiple companies.
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Mike, Official Rep

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No Sorry, this functionality does not exist. 
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Extension One

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Is there a method through an API to change the caller ID on-the-fly?
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Hello Extension One,

I am unaware of an API. However, this would be a good question to ask our Developers Community
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it would be nice to see this implemented to make swapping caller id's easier, although your deskset is assigned its own line so the RC system wouldn't know which company number, or any number you were wanting to use without being told.
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My use case is that I have a desk phone in my home office. When I need to make calls via the main business line I should be able to press my extension button on my Cisco desk phone to choose to call via the main business number. 

The same should be true when calling from my direct business line. I should just be able to press my extension key can call from that line.

An example is that I like to have my clients call me though the main line and things that pertain to me (aka owner stuff) e.g. business banking, credit card, insurance, and other things that should be directed to me that has nothing to do with clients. That way when I need to call non-clients I can just use my direct line, etc.

Ways to solve this:
1) Just give us another extension login
    1.1 This could be either a new user id or  (to prevent people abusing it as it cost per user) just use 
    the same user id but give us a second auth id for the same hard phone MAC address. Thus
    preventing abuse --since you make money per user/seat. 

2) Outbound pre-number e.g. pressing 9 (or what ever number the user wants) before dialing the number desired e.g. (9)1-800-flowers. When pressing the pre-number the outbound ID would then be different (the secondary line)

3) When picking up the phone have a message that asks what outbound caller ID you'd like to choose from and having the users select a number e.g. 1, 2, 3, 4, etc. thus selecting a new outbound ID.

Anyway these are just some ideas that l came up with in the last couple of minutes and it shouldn't be that hard to implement (depending on how your system was designed)
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Scott McClannahan

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Hey, I will tell you one way we have solve this is to use the ring out feature from the soft phone. It's not perfect but what I have done is set one caller ID on my desk phone and one caller ID on my soft phone, so when I want to use my direct line I call from my cell phone, and let it ring out to my desk phone.

However, what I would really like to see is intelligent caller ID that would call using the caller ID based on the number I am calling. So if I'm calling my bank in New York it would use one number, but if I'm calling a local customer it would use a different number.

FYI RC says they want your feedback, but I don't know if they really value our feedback or not. Very few features I have suggested over the years I've actually been implemented and it is worse now that they are Outsourcing everything overseas.
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Jay Nichols

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I suspect that this and the other caller ID switching would be nearly impossible to do.  And since RingCentral doesn't want to take on simple projects, they surely won't try to tackle this one.  Would be great to change the Outbound ID based on the area code you are calling, or on the fly based on which number you want to call from, but I doubt if it will happen.
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Scott McClannahan

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Jay - I would tend to disagree with the fact that this is "Nearly Impossible" to do.  Keep in mind that the softphone already offers this functionality (sort of) as I can change settings so it has the ability to utilize a different caller ID for outbound calls.  All that would be needed is the option to "prompt" the customer each time they make a call and/or run some sort of "rule" against the outgoing number before the call is placed.

As far as doing this on IP phones, this would also be fairly trivial - actually you can do it now if you want to pay for two different accounts and 'hack' the phone a bit.  If you go into the phones programming (*either Cisco or Polycom) each button can have its own individual "line" settings (i.e. username/account).  So, I can make button1 be for Sally and button2 be for Fred.  All that is really required to make this simple is for RC to upgrade their 'automatic device programming scripts' to allow this (and not charge for it just for a different caller ID).

But you are right, they probably won't tackle it if they can't make money doing it because supporting their existing customer basis doesn't seem to be a priority.
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Scott McClannahan

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I would agree, we also own multiple businesses, but we have offices in multiple States. I would like to add that it would be great to have caller ID be available based on the number you are calling. For example if I'm calling in to New York, use our local New York phone number. If I am calling in to Atlanta, use a local Georgia telephone number. We own multiple telephone numbers but some of us travel between multiple States and there is no easy way to switch this around depending on what customer we are calling. My customers don't know we have as many offices numbers as we do, so it would be great if when I call them, the local area code phone number could show up so they would answer my calls. This would also be very useful as we have multiple techs who work around the country.
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please have an option on the Deskphones where we can press a number and it would be able to change the outbound caller ID, so no need for us to log-in just to change it.

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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled change outgoing callerid from IP phone.

In the softphone, you can very easily drop-down the callerID selection to the appropriate outgoing number before calling a customer, etc. This is critical for certain industries.  However, on the IP phone, there is currently no such functionality, unless one goes into their onilne account and makes a complete change to their account so that from then onwards, their hard IP phone will use that callerID.  

  1. The feature requested would assign a soft button to each callerID that's available in the soft phone.  
  2. The feature could allow labeling of said callerID in the software setup (one-time) so that the user can just press a friendly name before making the call.
  3. The most recently pressed button could stay "lit" or "pressed" on the display screen of the IP phone so that it's clear that the next outgoing call will original from that callerID unless a different button is selected first.
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Extension One

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I love that idea.  I wish they would do something soon in that regard.
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Kelly Molloy

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Has this issue been solved yet.  We are two years into the request and Mike your official Rep who said he would have this addressed.  There are many of us in need so program it and make it so!
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Tyler Sims

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Yeah, I just moved from all Softphone to deskphones and realized this is an issue. Any changes? 
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Extension One

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We set up our own PBX system.  With it we can use any random caller ID we desire, even if we don't own that particular phone number.  I'm afraid that's going to be your only option.  This is our last year with RingCentral because we can do soooo much more with our own PBX system.
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Tyler Sims

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Sad to hear. Kind of regretting moving to deskphones. We were getting echoes using the softphones and now I've purchased these phone. I have two offices in different area codes so we need to be able to call out from 2 different caller ids so that people know we're local.