Cancel RingCentral Outgoing E-Fax (via email)

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We also need a function to cancel outgoing faxes that have been submitted through RingCentral.  Our users sometimes send outgoing faxes to the wrong phone number (using email to  When they do it repeatedly by mistake, they need an option to cancel the fax so that they are not bothering recipients' voice lines.
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Posted 2 years ago

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Tami Warr

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Agree 100%  - need a STOP button during transmission OUTGOING.
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I forgot to mention, for this Cancel-Fax function, we would need outgoing faxes "In-Progress" and "In-Queue" to both be viewable in a list (the call-log?) and can be selected, then cancelled.  Currently In_progress outgoing faxes are viewable in the call log, but they cannot be cancelled.  Outgoing faxes that are in-queue (ie. being received by email and being rendered) are not viewable anywhere.   For example, I had one user had a problem with her email and resent the same email faxout repeatedly 30 times - it would have been nice to be able to cancel them all in the queue before they were sent out. (and before the user received 30 rendered confirmations )
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I agree with the request also, 100%.

Ring Central please implement this option

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Agree - this is needed! Typos in entering numbers are inevitable, there has to be a way to kill an outgoing fax when the error is discovered.
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Ditto need ability to cancel Faxs outgoing as sometimes customer fax fails and don't need it to repeatably call back and attempt to complete the fax.
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Yes I completely agree with the request also!!!

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I agree. Please do this RingCentral.
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How does a service so large and well established not have such a basic ability? I accidentally put in the wrong number, and now some poor woman is getting called repeatedly and there is nothing I can do about it!
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wow. looks like my trial will be very short lived. this is basic.
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Good news, at least for the for the workflow I was using, this is possible: from Desktop app > Messages > Outbox, you should see list of outgoing faxes. There should be a check box to the left, once you check one, the Delete button goes from greyed out to available. Delete that item and it should be cancelled.

IMPORTANT: I was in Internet Explorer 11, and this checkbox was not there, until I added to my Compatibility View Settings. Or just use Chrome.

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one other note - to access this on desktop you need to be in an extension and not in the admin.
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Does deleting just delete from your list of faxes or stop the fax?
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good question
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Suggestion....try sending yourself or someone you know a test fax and delete it from the list of faxes. Have your friend/acquaintance let you know if they received the fax. That will answer your question faster than asking in a community forum.
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We tested this and it does NOT work - we sent a fax to a non-fax line.  Heard it ring the first attempt then used the Messages-Outbox to delete the message so it no longer shows in the outbox.and does show in the Deleted list.  But then a few minutes later we received the 2nd resend attempt, and then a few minutes later the 3rd resend attempt.  All 3 attempts show up in our call log, and the outgoing fax was definitely deleted out of the "Outbox" long before the 2nd or 3rd resend attempts. - FAIL, the "delete from Outbox" does not work properly.  The functionality seems to be designed and implemented, but the "delete" function is not working.

If it did work, we would still have a problem in that most of our users are travelling and remote, so they all ONLY use the mobile app - and the "Outbox" feature is not available in the mobile android app (not sure about the other ones)
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Agreed.  This is a necessary feature.  RingCentral?