Conference Calling: Admin to change host code/participant code for security reasons

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I'd like to add my voice to the chorus of those asking for the ability to change conference bridge numbers and host codes, for security reasons. It’s worrisome that RingCentral doesn’t allow this option.

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Marc Reavis

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Posted 5 years ago

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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Ability to manually change Conference code for an extension.

It would be great if the Super Admin were able to generate a new Conference code for an extension when resetting Password and/or PIN for a terminated user.  This would allow the Admin to reuse the extension including all the presence settings and Call Queue memberships that would be needed for the replacement staff.  Currently the Extension has to be deleted and a new extension created to generate a new Conference code which requires more work by the Admin just to reuse an extension for new staff.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Request to be able to edit the participant code assigned to an extension.

Our company would like to be able to change the participant code assigned to an extension. This would allow us to send a new participant code for a standing meeting when the attendee list changes due to employee turnover . This would provide us with security to ensure that former employees are no longer able to access the meeting. Currently we would have to generate a new extension in order to accommodate this change.
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David Shirk

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I host calls with subscribed participants. Would like to be able to assign different participant codes to different callers and limit the number of callers on a given participant code. That would greatly enhance my call management. This could also be enhanced to allow scheduled calls to have participant codes assigned to them and block other participants. That way a person could have two calls back to back and the participants for the second call could not join early and interrupt the concluding call.
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Chris Dervishian

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It is disappointing that this issue was raised two years ago and there is still no practical solution provided by RingCentral.  When I give out my participant code to employees for a regular periodic meeting, and one employee leaves the company, he can then use the same code to join the same meeting.  There is no mechanism to require a password nor to change my participant code.  This is a major security issue.

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Jordi Garcia

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We also need a way to change the participant code or allow users to add/change a pin code for their conference room.
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Rand Samuels

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We are shocked and kind of disturbed by the lack of this basic functionality.  If someone leaves your company you can't change the participant code or view to see in any logs who joined the conference which should also be an option.   
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LeVar Chan-Williams

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I am new to RC, but also shocked to see this is an issue. It came up in our training today. Audio conferences should either have a passcode or users given ability to change their participant code as needed.
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I've been a RC subscriber for nearly a decade. Over the last year it has become very important that we use conferencing on a daily basis. The static number and general code make such easier, however I would like a secure alternative. We have bumped calls into one another on more than one occasion which caused quite a disruption. I would rather the user conf call code be custom than static. The thought that anyone can call in at any time and in essence be on our calls or use our line for that matter is very disturbing. This negatively effects our time management as we have to create 30 min buffers in our schedule to avoid issues. Time is money. I will look at the meetings app scheduler instead as a solution, but honestly I am seeking other methods or services, which is not healthy for RCs bottom line.
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Brian Mathis

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The complete lack of response by Ring Central to these kind of EXTREMELY OBVIOUS and EXTREMELY NECESSARY features has me seriously questioning my decision to use RC as a phone provider.
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Beth Culpepper

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Soooooo does this mean there's still no progress on this request? ;)  I am adding my two cents because we just got RC in October 2017 and a lot of our users have asked for this feature...let alone what was mentioned earlier about terminated us, RingCentral!
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Saadet, Employee

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Hey Beth,

Sorry, I haven't received at ETA from our Product Team on this :(
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Beth Culpepper

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Thanks for the quick reply, Saadet!  If there's anyway you could push on the Product Team a bit, that would be awesome!  Thank you!!
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Rand Samuels

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This request was made 3 years ago! Security issue! Fix this
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RC obviously has no plans to fix this. They see it as a feature request, not a bug.  That is pretty much their mantra for most issues.
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remi Ponsonnet

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we are small firm but we need security. The fact that RC doesn't allow for code changes is a HUGE red flag. Any compliance review would confirm. We will cancel asap.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Conference Calls: host/participant codes & secure voice.

Could you please create a possibility to either manually change the access codes for conference calls (both the host and participant numbers) or to put in a request to have both these numbers changed? Currently these codes cannot be changed nor do they change over time, and I need to urgently change them to make sure a former associate will no longer be able to listen in to scheduled calls for security reasons. I just got called tech support who couldn't help with this even though they did their very best. I've looked through the existing questions and it seems that more people have the same concern. A solution would be much appreciated, the quicker the better.


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I'd also like to add my vote for this feature.  Just had an attorney send out her host code to co-counsel and now she is concerned they will start using her conference line.
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I agree.  This is a huge security issue.  It is not a feature request; in today's age of security breaches, I'm disappointed with the lack of progress on this issue. 
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remi Ponsonnet

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I think the only way to force them to take us seriously is to switch. like we all did with mobile or cable operators that gouged us. It will take some time but they will end up noticing. How many of you get a mail from their former cable provider begging to switch back and even offering more services at a lower price? I can't phantom how someone in charge of a phone service could overlook a change in access code for so long.  
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Eoin Clarke

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Would like to see the option to change host or attendee codes as needed at the admin level.  It seems this request has been going on for 3 years now.  Any update on if/when this will happen?
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Tanya O' Connor

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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Re: Conference Calling - I'd like to be able to change my host and participant ac....


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This is a standard in the conference software world and has been for years. RingCentral needs this feature. Why has it taken 4 years and it's still not implemented? I just spoke to support and they said they know about it. That's sad for RingCentral. Another needed feature that they dropped the ball on is group texting with users that are outside of RingCentral (AT&T/Verizon). Messages come in but cannot go out. That's another feature that they know about. Maybe on day RingCentral Office will be able to used as an indispensable All-In-One app. Until then we'll have to use other apps to pick up the slack.   
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this function is required, just like meetings has the option
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I just came across this thread while searching for this basic function of any conference call system. After reading this thread, I still find it hard to believe I can't change my host and participant codes. This is some kind of joke right? This effectively removes conference calling from RC features. No one who seriously uses conference calling uses the same code forever.  For most businesses with decent security practices, the number is changed very regularly (sometimes weekly).  I was using another service, but was starting to use RC more often for conference calling and was planning to switch over to RC exclusively... until this.  Do I ask for a refund?  This is pretty basic functionality!

Any real conference calling service allows changing codes. Without this, the service should not be used. I will be seeking a refund if this can not be solved.
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Rand Samuels

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Welcome to the shit show that has been going for years. From a security stand point this make zero sense. Having to Delete the extension instead of allowing access to change a field in the database with a new pin makes zero sense.
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Brad Westover

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Three (3) years of requests and still no progress?  That is really hard to comprehend such an easy fix on Ring Central's side.  How could RC not realize from time to time Board Members retire/people quit and we need a new access code to prevent uninvited guests.  Rant Over... now I will call them up and spend 60 mins with tech support.  (I actually already called and was given incorrect information.. so I will start over).  

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Beth Culpepper

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I'd like to add my voice to a Super Admin, I should have ALL rights to my users' accounts, including being able to change their host and participant codes for audio conferencing.  You can change the host code for Meetings so why not Conferencing?  
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I want to add my 'voice' to this too, but I already know I'm talking to the wall.

RingCentral is great at packaging other products as their own. But when it comes to actually engineering them, forget about it. That's why the very idea of having an idea board is so ironic to me because people like me who deal in the world of software development for a living know that RingCentral isn't making any of these applications in their RingCentral suite. Glip, Meetings, you name it. They're third party products.

It's like asking Costco to add features to the diapers they sell. You'd be better off going straight to Huggies who private-labels the Costco diapers as Kirkland Signatures.

(be advised: I don't know if it is actually Huggies or one of the other diaper doo-doo giants; but I doo-doo do know it is one of them that makes Costco's diapers).