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Please change the "stop recording" command so that it's different from the "start recording" command.

At the moment, on-demand call recording is done by pressing *9. To stop recording, you also press *9. The Polycom phone I use has no display to tell me whether or not the call is recording or not.

You can see the problem. On several occasions I've begun a recording, got distracted by the conversation and forgotten that I had pressed record. By pressing *9, I've then accidentally failed to record the rest of the conversation. 

I record a lot of phone calls, but on each occasion I have to ask permission of the person I'm speaking to before I start recording. These phone calls are for forensic investigation work which can be complex and require my full attention. 

If the "stop recording" command was different, this error would be impossible. The command could be *8, it could be *99, it could be **9 - whatever it is, the toggle nature of the command is very unhelpful.

There is a work around that I've been using:

Log-in to the website,
wait for the page to load,
Click on the Messages tab,
Click on the Recordings button,
wait for the page to load
see if there is a recording in progress.

It's pretty awkward - I can't bookmark this page to go to it directly, and if I don't have access to a screen then this is completely out.

Alternatively of course you could code in some sort of message that pops up on my telephone display, but that would seem on the face of it to be much harder than just separating the start record/stop record commands.
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Posted 3 years ago

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Are you aware that you can change the announcement that is delivered on the phone call, which both parties can hear, when you start or stop the On-Demand recording? Even the default announcements are clear as to which is occurring.

The default announcement when starting the recording is:
"This call is being recorded. If you do not wish to be recorded, please disconnect at this time."

The default announcement when stopping the recording is:
"This call has been recorded."

Wouldn't these statements alone be enough to indicate to you whether the recording has just started or whether it was running and has just stopped?
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Thanks Jan. That might be the case but I don't have those messages turned on.

Also it seems very clunky to have to turn off recording to check if I'm recording, then turn it back on again. Investigation work often requires me to build some sort of rapport with people who are nervous about talking. Any interruption can ruin the opportunity to discover important information.

In theory, I don't even need the message. I could drop the call and call them back and start again. Or say "hang on, I just need to check something". But in the moment when I'm trying to figure out how to get someone to tell me about something important, it's an annoying distraction.

Either way, there's a UX issue which is that there is no easy way to tell if a call is being recorded without interrupting it, and I don't think it's unreasonable that there should be.

After you've done a few hundred calls, the compliance bits tend to blend together. Surely I should be able remember that I pressed *9? Or, if I can't remember that I pressed *9, why would I remember if - this time - there was a message? When you do something repeatedly, you're more likely to make an error (if you're interested, google Prof James Reason on slips and lapses for some seminal work on this area btw, including on nuclear safety checks and making a cup of tea).