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When will the Conference Bridge feature be available for Canadian RingCentral accounts?

We have been hearing for more than a year now that the Conference Bridge will be available on Canadian accounts. Earlier we were told that this will be available on our account in April 2013, but this never happened.

Please let us know when this feature will be available.

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Posted 6 years ago

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Maury Markowitz

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And I was told it would arrive this January (now).

I talked to tech and they said it was being added to accounts, but not ours because it was an older plan.

They transferred me to sales to update the plan, but sales told me it wasn't available.

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Jeff Taylor

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I would very much like to have access to this feature in Canada as well.
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Patrick Teas

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We're looking for conferencing on our Canadian account as well.
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Geoff Irvine

  • 90 Points 75 badge 2x thumb here we all are in Canada, paying for a feature we do not have but US users have had for eons. Enough with the obfuscation. Can someone at RingCentral tell me as the central decision-maker (CEO) for whether or not we continue to use this expensive service when the most basic of business phone services is not available (conferencing). We have been with you some years and I am questioning why I cannot initiate something as simple as a conference call. Clearly my fellow Canadians have been getting the run around (2 years ago). As an SaaS provider myself I would not be able to operate globally if this was my approach to development timelines for something this basic.
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Hello Geoff,   We've actually had this feature available for Canadian accounts for quite some time. However, we have different plan types (Fax, Office, Professional, etc).   This conferencing feature is only available on the Office plans.  You may want to contact your account manager to discuss the options available to you. 

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Geoff Irvine

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This in today from your folks. There is NO plan that will give us this feature at this time. I suggest you press your development people to close the gap between what you believe to be so and what RingCentral says is so.

Hello Geoffrey Irvine, 

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Hello Geoffrey,

My name is Jesster, from RingCentral Customer Care Team, and I will be 

handling your case.

I understand that you want Conference Call in Canada. This feature is currently not available. Our 

Product Enhancement Team is already aware of this feature request and 

working towards the availability of this feature.

On the link below, you can also view the ideas forum and vote on bright 

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Hello Geoff Irvine,  

We apologize for the incorrect and conflicting information that you received. Some Canadian accounts do have this feature. If you contact your account manager they will be able to go over the plan details and pricing with you. 

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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Canada: Teleconf dial in number for Ottawa 613.

Can we get a Teleconf dial in number for Ottawa, Canada ( 613  )? We have some clients that can't call LD from their work phones.
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Merged to already implemented idea. Moved to New Idea.

Please reference the new conversation here: Canada accounts: add 613 number Conference Bridge