Conference Call: How do I create a conference call from two lines already on a call?

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"Need instructions on how to conference 2 lines together on our phones? i see the option, but dont know how it works." This a request I received from my boss. So I sent him the Conference call FAQ and then he said "Yea, this isn’t it. There is a way to join 2 numbers together directly from the phone. I want to know how to do that vs. a dial in number" Does anyone have the info for this?
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Posted 5 years ago

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CoreTel Solutions

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If you have two callers that are on hold on your Cisco phone and the phone does not have the Park feature, like the Cisco 303 phone and you want to conference them in together.

Follow these steps:
  1. Place caller 1 on hold & Place caller 2 on hold. 
  2. Go to caller 1 and dial ##*3   (Note: Caller 1 will hear your dial the first and or the second #).  Note the parked extension the system gives you *XXX (*801)
  3. Hang up on the button of caller 1
  4. Go to caller 2, the light will be flashing Red and press Conference
  5. Dial your Parked extension *XXX (*801)
  6. Press Conference!  Your three callers are now joined.
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OK, I was able to conference 2 calls together on my Polycom desk phone using this feature.  Now I need to transfer this call to another extension (the CEO).  Can this be done? 
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Saadet - Community Support, Official Rep

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Hi Christopher, sorry, there isn't a way to transfer a conference call to another user. 
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Cisco 514G Join 2 separate calls on a conference.

This feature used to work before. While on an active call and you use the 2nd line to call out, there used to be a button to join 2 active calls. The Cisco phone doesn't have this anymore, if you're an active call and 2nd call is on hold, if you press the conference button, it opens another line to call out, it doesn't show an option to join the 2 calls you already have. 
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Can I get more than 3 people conferenced in via the phone.
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Hello Laura,

Yes, you can. Feel free to check out the FAQs for Conferencing and other materials on our Success Website :)
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Is there an ETA on having this feature on the mobile app?
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Hello Touhey, unfortunately we do not have an ETA on this feature yet. 
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If you want to do a 3way call and you are using the Ringcentral mobile phone app the only way I've found to do this is by dialing the first caller from the Ringcentral app, once they are on the phone, click "Switch to Carrier" button, wait for the app to call you on your mobile phone and then you can add another caller through your mobile phone functions.. my mobile phone lets me click "add call" and I dial the 2nd caller I want to conference in and it places my orignal caller on hold then I can merge them together. The only downfall to this way is that the 2nd caller will see your mobile number on their caller ID if they have a caller ID.. But the original caller would've only seen your Ringcentral number on the caller ID because thats how you called them. In my line of work it doesnt matter to me that my 2nd caller I am joining in to my conference call sees my mobile number. There is no other way still to conference call (3way call) right from the Ringcentral app as far as I know..
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