Contacts: share my Personal Contacts with all users

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We need a central company wide "Personal Contact List" which auto updates every day as new contacts are added. One way would be to allow the Admin or designated user the
option to share his/her Personal Contact List.
It would also be helpful to
allow any user to share their Personal Contact List with other users or groups.
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Posted 5 years ago

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Ebs Mcs

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I 2nd this. it is very inconvenient to have to export and import every time someone adds a new contact. having a shared contact list, shared contact option on the contact itself, or a designated shared user would be a fantastic addition.
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Rahul Malhotra

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Another workaround is RingCentral Phone (with) Outlook (with) CardDAV server.
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Rahul Malhotra

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Another workaround is RingCentral Phone (with) Outlook (with) CardDAV server.
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I can confirm our company has tried the API Approach injecting our CRM Data automatically via API to each individual User in Ring Central's personal contact list with phone numbers.

This is great so when we get a phone call it shows whos calling if we know them already.
Reach out to us if you'd like more info.
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Guy Smith FOAB

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The API feature is not available on the ENTRY or STANDARD packages.
Can you confirm that you have either PREMIUM or ULTIMATE  package please?

Cheers, GS
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Alec Venturin

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This is a must have feature. Even if the contacts must be added by 1 Admin then shared with other users. It is pertinent to many businesses to know who is calling.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Contacts: company wide.

I would like each extension to have the ability to import their personal contacts into the company contacts so no matter which one of our employees are taking a call, if the person calling has had contact with us before, they will show up on caller ID. 

Example: I input every new client inquiry / first time caller into my extensions contacts. I would like to be able to do this entry once for the entire company so that client can be identified easily by whatever department of our firm is taking the call throughout the client's process of working with us.
Agreed.  I find it odd that this functionality is lacking.
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Our office finds this feature would also be very helpful. It doesn't make sense that every employee has to spend hours putting all the same clients into his personal contact directory and no one else in the firm can benefit.
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Agreed! These phones have the capability of supporting the feature but RingCentral does not provide access it!
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Yes - a MUST HAVE feature...  


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The more we start to use and sell the RingCentral product, the more we realize that trivial things, like having a Company Wide Address Book shared throughout all the extensions, are just not offered.  Worse yet, the status on this conversation reads NOT PLANNED. Are you serious?

At first, our customers are excited to use RingCentral, then they ask us for small things that anyone would logically assume is available on a system like this, LIKE SHARED CONTACTS.  And every time we have to tell them, "they're working on it", when in reality it's really NOT PLANNED.

All it takes is adding another database table...

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It would be very very convenient for the admins to have the ability to share contacts to other users. In other words, without this feature, it is a real inconvenience.

If you agree, please hit LIKE for this Idea to gather more votes.
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Melissa Ward

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I agree. I have been using Ring Central since 2009. I am trying to create better systems for our sales associates. Not realizing this feature was not offered, I went to work thinking I could create an address book of all of our customers (including information like customer ID, when they became a customer, the sales associate that signed the customer up, & YTD sales with the customer). I thought with this information at each representives finger tips, when customer's call in, they would think to themselves, wow this company really has their stuff together.. When I realized I could not do this, it was a real bummer. I sure hope this is something that will be added. It would have been great to offer to the sales team.
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Andrew Bolin

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Please add this feature.  It would be so nice.  Also add voicemail access, but then again, there is another thread for that, so I will go there.
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Please add this feature...
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Contacts: Centralized Contacts for all Users.

Centralized cloud systems for contacts imported that can be accessed by all User Extensions of the account
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Please add this feature!!!
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scott Ashenden

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This is a fundamental feature, and I am surprised this is not already in the system!
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Paul Wilson

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We have been using RingCentral for about 6 months and my experience is a mixture of dissapointment and frustration. One of the biggest issues for me is the lack of a centralised telephone directory. How can Ring Central be taken seriously as a replacement to a traditional PBX telephone system without this?
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You nailed it Paul ol buddy!
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Paul Wilson

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Thanks and sadly we've decided to go back to our 'Old' Samsung system. More cost effective and has all the functionality we need. It's been an unfortunate experiment!
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Yeah I agree and I did vote in the upper right hand part of this page, only 45 votes? That seems low, got to get the word out on this forum as well as the ideas tab so we can all try and make this and other great ideas more popular and hopefully implemented. 
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Casey White

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Most admins have to work and don't have time to up vote this... RING CENTRAL GET ER DONE!!!!
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It's troubling that there is no response from RingCentral itself on this - it's a basic thing to request, and shouldn't be so hard to implement. Why not respond to customers stating we want a basic feature?
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See, it's this kind of thing that is going to make me replace Ringcentral the second I find an adequate replacement. 2 years of customers griping, and not even a response.
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Alicia Moore

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There are several what I would consider basic features lacking but this one - shared contacts - is the most annoying. Come on, RIng Central, get with the times!
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Hello Everyone,

I will dip my toes into this somewhat warm water here. I'm Elliot a newish Product Manager here at RingCentral. My apologies on the response delays on this topic. 

One of the things I've been researching at RingCentral is Contact Management.

I actually replied on another related Contact Management thread (maybe these threads should be combined?) saying pretty much the following. I am looking for some intel to clarify all the things we need to do that are Contact related in order to have a clear position on the benefits that are needed by our customer base.

If you'd like to participate in this research beyond this Forum, please fill out the survey here:

I can't promise any short term movement on this enhancement, but I will be transparent about where we are. We are now researching this as a part of our rolling planning for more strategic items, and this is an item that's on the table. That said, I'm moving the status of this to Under Consideration. 

I look forward to hearing from you all.

- Elliot
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Guy Smith FOAB

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Has anything come of this toe dip please?
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Travis Tindal

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I would fill out the survey and be a part of the form, however, I don't believe the link is active any longer. I do see that this link was posted a year ago. If the forum is over, I hope the outcome was that this feature was not needed.
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Saadet, Employee

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Hey Travis,

That particular survey has since expired, sorry for any confusion! I haven't been given an ETA on this feature yet. If I hear anything, I'll be sure to post here :)
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Centralized company contacts list.

We are a Canadian account holder. 

We are an industry leading real estate team who use technology and manpower in ways never before seen in real estate. We have a team of about 20 people. 

We need a centralized company contact list updated in real time. 

If one of our realtors or admin staff create a new contact (with a name and some notes) in their RingCentral desktop or smartphone app this information should be immediately available to all team members. If the customer calls a different realtor in the group or one of our office's central lines the team member answering the phone should be able to see the client's name and the notes made by the previous team member. 

This way the person answering the phone will be aware of who the caller is to our company and see any comments made by team members after previous calls. 
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Andy Clegg

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Yes this needs to be added we are a small office and need to share all the contacts. It's badly needed. I see that the original thread started 2 years ago :(
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Yes, we need to be able to share contacts lists and/or have a general company contacts list that can be updated. Manual or auto update does not matter to us we just need this functionality ASAP!
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We have high call volume. The call log is just a bunch of numbers that don't tell us much unless the Caller ID identifies the caller...but our CRM has all that info.  What RingCentral is telling me is that I need to take the list of thousands of contacts and upload them into every user's personal address book so the central Log will work? That makes no sense.  There should be a central address book for the company we can identify customers calling in by name, regardless of the Caller ID information, since we have that information and can upload it.  As the OP asked, if we can set up an Operator user whose Contacts are visible by everyone or if an Administrator can publish/push updates visible on all users' contact lists, THAT makes sense for the way most companies work.  Our customer data is dynamic... distributing thousands of names to essentially give every employee a rolodex is such an outdated notion, generates errors & creates security issues.  How about an address book where entries are visible to All or to Group; this would allow us to batch up Executive address books that aren't for wide distribution. These might also be marked "read only" to those users or "read/write".  When the user is working with the address book, for their own truly personal entries (mother who might call at work) the entries should have a "Private" or "Personal" and be owned by that user for full access/delete.
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Stephen Sotelo

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I came here looking for an answer to this very problem, and I see my business is not the only one. Too bad Ringcentral Is apparently doing nothing about it.
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Sarah DiGloria

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I understand! I've spoken with Support multiple times about this issue, and also interacted on this forum. It is obvious to me RC doesn't want to spend the effort to give customers this feature at this time. So all we can do is keep talking about it.
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Saadet, Employee

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Hey Sarah, this Community is the appropriate place to submit and discuss feature requests - not our Support channels. The process of implementing a specific feature is quite complex, you can learn more about that here. Please know that we do send regular reports to our Product Team regarding what our customers would like to see. If I hear anything new about this, I'll be sure to post here :)
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Sarah DiGloria

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Hi Saadet,

Thanks for the reply.

Please do speak up to the Product Team until they enhance the Contacts feature so that it is actually useful to an Organization, not just to one User.

Thank you kindly,
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Arron Voce

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I think the problem here is that this conversation was started 4 years ago and there has been no official communication regarding this.
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Saadet, Employee

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Hi Arron, I completely understand the frustration. Currently we have hundreds of feature requests on the Community and our Product Team is not able to regularly comment on them since they are working on other projects :) But since this is listed as Under Consideration, that means it is definitely on their radar!