Make "Custom Fax Cover Page" available to all users

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The administrator should be able to add a custom fax template cover page for all users to access.  Users should not have to upload the custom fax template every time they fax.
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Posted 3 years ago

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Agree, there should be an easier way to upload custom cover pages to selected users at once instead of trying to get a hold of each of them just to upload the file. Most of us know how easy it is to do, but some users are not as savvy and run into issues while attempting to do it on their own.
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John Nguyen

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I am admin for my company's RC.  How do I upload custom cover page and make available for all users/extensions?  Thanks!
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Lee, Champion

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John, Right now you will have to do it through RingCentral Phone, and it will have to be done for each user individually. 
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Jeff Souza

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Is the upload of a custom fax cover loaded in the users or the machine? Do I have to upload for all users on all machines they are using?
How do we remove the fax covers we don't want from the list?

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You can only remove custom fax covers that you have added. Not the ones that are provided by RC.
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This idea of custom fax cover to be available to all users or at least users in specific groups has been brought up almost 2 years ago, are you guys at RingCentral planning to bring this idea to life anytime soon? 
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Jessica - Community Moderator, Official Rep

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Hi Seryoga, 

There is no ETA at this time. 
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Joe Castillo

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Is there an ETA now? This is a major problem for anyone who is in healthcare, where it is required for certain language to be on the fax cover page to be HIPPA Compliant
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John Nguyen

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I 2nd Joe's and Seryoga's posts - this is CRUCIAL for healthcare.  Please please please add this functionality.
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Saadet, Employee

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Sorry Joe & John, I haven't received an ETA regarding if this will become a feature in the future
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We would like this feature request also
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Jeffrey Souza

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Thought this had been addessed....guess not....
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Selim James Levy

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We have the same issue in a law firm.  We need specific language in there!
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Demetrius Brooks

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I agree. There should be a mechanism to allow creation of custom fax cover pages and make them available globally to the organization.

Right now we can create a fax cover page in RingCentral Phone. Why can't we upload that page in the web portal for the whole organization so that each user can select the custom cover pages in the 9 or 10 default cover pages group across all devices (RingCentral App, Mobile App, web portal fax, and email to fax)?

Thank you, Paolo Broggi - 2b1 Inc. - Certified RC consultant.
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Tammy Fiorentin

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This is a must! Being able to upload a custom fax for each user is crucial and being able to apply a custom fax as an admin for each user (whether it be through templates or other is a must). Please review. Thank you! 
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Dr. Steve Donnelly

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I have really enjoyed using Ring Central over the last month as a new account super admin, but I am  VERY DISAPPOINTED that despite multiple posts above, custom cover sheets have not been incorporated into the flagship RC app nor can the admin globally add a cover sheet for their organization's users. As posted above, this is CRUCIAL for ALL HEALTHCARE clients since we are required by HIPAA to have a confidentiality statement on the cover sheet. This is a big deal! Please implement ASAP.
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Selim James Levy

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I have posted already about 9 months ago.

As a law firm, we too have legal requirements that require specific wording somewhere in the document.  The cover page would be the most logical location for this to be.

Additionally, having a unified aesthetic within the business, helps in name recognition, good will etc. Having to upload the same template for every user is not manageable for larger enterprises, particularly ones where many people work remotely and/or there is turnaround in the users/devices.
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Atur Shabbas

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RC, please lets get this done!