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Please add another field for the custom fax cover page fields.  Add a # of pages including fax cover page and also add a CC field also to be allowed in the available fields. 
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Posted 5 years ago

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Michael Wierowski

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In addition to the Page Count and CC fields, can we get a custom RE or Subject field? Also, I have gotten all the existing custom fields to work with the exception of {Sender Fax} and {Recipient Fax}. Both of those fields are always blank and the number I entered to fax to displays in the {Recipient Phone} field.
I've been amazed at the basic things missing from RingCentral fax such as total pages and a subject line.  The biggest problem i'm having is that all my employees have their own dedicated fax number, but when using the default cover page, they are unable to show their direct numbers (it defaults to the main number without the ability to change it).  

Now i have to use the custom cover page which BY THE WAY only works on the desktop app and NOT on the website.  Which would be kind of acceptable except that i also need to use GROUPS when fax which is NOT available on the APP.  Seriously? 
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@Lawyers Realty Group - Would you prefer to have your team use FaxOut? 
The Desktop App does offer a bit more flexibility on what is offered on a Fax Cover Page template.  
I don't really care which tool they use as long as they can fax to groups while at the same time having a cover page showing the correct number.  I've been working on this for two months now with absolutely no luck.

The work around for the messed up fax cover was to use the desktop app with a custom cover page, but now my team can't use the group fax function because it's only available on the web portal!!! Crazy!
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Hi Lawyers Realty Group ,   (or anyone else on this thread) 

Sorry for the frustration.  Since we don't have an ETA of when/if this will be implemented, I'd like to offer another possible solution. This may or may not work for some of you  but here's a suggestion. 

Create a cover sheet using MS Excel or Word. You can find free templates by searching the internet if you don't feel like creating one from scratch.  Both of those applications allow you to create a drop-down list.  You could create a drop-down list on the document where you want the phone number to appear.  Then just save the document to your computer or desktop where it's easily accessible. 

Note: After you fill out the template, do a "Save As" rename the file to whatever you want, and choose PDF as the doc type.  

Just open the cover sheet, fill out the form fields, and then you could either send the fax via email by attaching the doc to an email, or if you click File > Print from within the application and use the Print to Fax feature which sends the document to the RingCentral Desktop app. 

Print-to-Fax Function

Sending Fax Messages Using Email
Sure, and I could also buy a fax machine and print out the cover sheet and fax that way...!  Problem solved!  oh, wait... no, not really.

Oh... here's another option:  switch to eFax or MetroFax or just about any other online fax provider.
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Scott Davison

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Hi Mike,

I think the majority of us are requesting the feature that was available on the custom cover page before RingCentral introduced the new "RingCentral for Windows" desktop application.  Previously, one of the optional fields that we could include on a custom cover page was something along the lines of "Number of pages including cover page: {total pages faxed}"

I do think it's helpful to have the number of pages being transmitted appearing in the header at the top of each page like you showed above.  This feature request is in addition to that.  I don't think there's a need to include this in the body area of each page.

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Michael Savage

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Yes I would like the ability to include total number of pages in the body of the fax cover page. It was included in the old softphone version. The main purpose being, that most all standard fax cover page templates include a section in the main body of the fax that says "No. of Pages". Even all (or most all) of your template fax cover pages include a portion that says total number of pages including fax cover page. Seem that it would make sense that this should be a field that could be used in custom cover pages as well.

I personally think that the header page __ of page ___ in the header is also useful since you can know what order the pages are in after printing if they get mixed up for any reason.
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David Eisenbeisz

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In response to your question about why the line at the time of the page is insufficient, when you put the faxed document in a typical business/engineering file that is punched at the top of the page, you can't read it unless it is the last thing you put in the file. Also, our clients are sometimes a little challenged when it comes to hide-and-seek and it would be so much easier if we could be post the total number of pages (among other information) in LARGE print in a conspicuous location on the cover sheet so we can confirm that they received every page we intended to send.  In fact, it is most helpful if it isn't populated automatically so we can check to make sure we actually sent the correct number of pages against the top line.  But here is the most important reason the pages field would be nice to have.

An associated issue is that our old traditional fax machine used to give us confirmation pages for every fax that included a reduced copy of the first page we faxed (along with the number of call retries, the resolution at which it was received, and other very helpful information that RC doesn't seem to think is important), which would usually be the cover sheet. This was always our way of confirming that we sent the correct number of pages and that the recipient actually received the pages we intended to send.  We would have the original document already in our file stored digitally, but then the confirmation page would be put in the physical file so that in a legal proceeding, we could say under oath that we had sent this document by fax.  This is EXTREMELY important to us.  I understand that the confirmation page is another issue, but multiple user-editable fields on our fax cover sheet along with a total pages field is extremely helpful to our business when dealing with court rules and lawyers who question everything.

As for understanding the need for a customer request, isn't it sufficient that we are asking for it? Most of us have been in business for a long time and took a huge leap of faith when we decided to abandon the ol' telco for RingCentral.  Apart from some minor annoyances and the getting used to a new way of thinking about the phone, overall, I like RC better than our previous provider who's logo is a big V.  But, if you expect us to explain ourselves in detail every time we have a simple request that will help us run our businesses more smoothly, it will require lengthy conversations about legal documentation, CYA procedures, internal company policies, and other subjects you or your Product Team would have no need or interest in knowing unless you worked for us.  It is simple enough to understand that businesses have needs that are at least so diverse as to require multiple custom fields and/or a pages field on a fax cover sheet.  What does it matter why we want them?  

This is not a major request that requires cutting-edge technology or a complete revamp of the existing RC desktop program to implement.  They don't have to be automatically populated, just give us a fields to put specific information in the same place on every fax cover sheet.  A simple menu entry would suffice for populating the custom fields in most cases - just like your { Note } field.  It would seem that your developers could just copy the part of the code they wrote to create the { note } field and edit it to be { note1 }, { note2 }, etc.  Let us decide where we want to put the notes and what we want to use them for.

We use the printed cover sheets as a physical record of what we sent to a client.  Confirmation sheets would be better, but so far we have been working with this.

And thank you for actually reading these customer requests and responding to us.  We don't always seem appreciative for the fact that RC reads the forums, but we are.  We just want things to work smoothly and like we expect them to work.
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Mike, Official Rep

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David, Thanks for the details.  It really does help when customers provide details related to the idea/feature requests.   This helps our Product Team understand how the feature might apply to more businesses or users.   We get hundreds of feature requests every month and this type of information helps prioritize projects.  Thank you.

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David Eisenbeisz

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A new year and a new version of the RC for Desktop app.  You guys must be taking your cues from Microsoft because you have completely ruined what was a useful application and replaced it with this useless thing you have the nerve to release to your customers.  Looks like I will have to go back to faxing by email or reinstall the old RC Softphone application, if I still have the installer.  It is a shame that something this simple has been requested and discussed on these forums for about a year now and RC has made no indication that they intend to fix any of the real problems with the faxing capabilities of their desktop application.  I think I am going to get an analog converter and hook up our old fax machine because you guys just can't get something as simple as faxing correct.  It is old and well-developed technology (like the automobile or the electric toothbrush), but it WORKS, and when faxes are sent and received properly they are recognized by courts as legal documentation.  It is disappointing that these facts have been entirely lost on the VOIP generation.  New technology is great until it sucks, at which time it is worse than if it never existed.  Just like Windows 8-10.
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Matt Vinson

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I agree with Michael and Scott above.

The number of pages would be a greatly beneficial option in having the number on the coverpage just so that is stands out more than the top. The small print at the top is beneficial too, but I think having it on the coverpage (like it is on most all the default RC covers) would just be an added bonus. I would like to have the number of pages auto-fill though (like it does at the top of the page) because I am not interested in counting it. This was possible in RC Softphone and I found it nice.

I would assume for those that want to count it, it could be input into the message/note section.

I would like to say that I am happy to see RC taking customer feedback and improving the desktop app. The recently added drag & drop is helpful. There are still many more features that need to be added (or re-added from the softphone app) that will make this product much better use for businesses.
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Official Response

Thank you very much for providing the feedback. We will introduce “Pages including this cover page:” field for a custom
fax cover page in the Desktop App in a future release. This field will be similar to what we have today for a
default cover page ("Classic" template for example has this field


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Has this been added yet?
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Hi edsager, please see my screen shot below. This is a custom cover page and I used the RC Phone desktop app to send it.

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Very nice and irrelevant. Has the feature requested been added or is RC still claiming to not understand what it is that is wanted and for which many have asked in this and other posts?
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Please see the following for a good description of what I am referring to: https://community.ringcentral.com/ringcentral/topics/custom-fax-cover-page-to-include-no-of-pages

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Saadet, Employee

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The original post is different from what you're describing in your other thread. I am not aware of anyone working on what you're requesting
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Tina Pjanic

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The ability to add the page count to custom cover sheets should be made available as soon as possible. If other cover sheets provided by ring central, such as the Contempo cover sheet, have this field it should be something that can be made available for custom sheets. Just as we are able to write things such as "{Date}" to auto populate the date, there should be similar code available to auto populate the page count. The fact that to page count appears in the header, isn't a good response to this issue. It appears so high on the page that it is useless as it lands outside of the printable region of many machines and will be cut off. Thank you, and I hope this feature can be made available soon.