Customer Database, on-boarding template, access to queue hours during advanced rules entry

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1) US small business appx. 23 phones
2) Aviation dealing w/ high-end clients

3) a) There is no way to simply add contacts for the entire company to have access to. This makes it so you have to add them all individually through virtual users, which is borderline absurd. Sure, you can add to personal contacts and import/export to each phone, but the manpower behind that when you could be taking advantage of being cloud-based almost doesn't seem like it's in reality. You should be able to access contacts simply in some way, even if through an Outlook export into the company directory, but it's unfortunately overly difficult and a harrowing waste of hours if you really want to have the caller id show up on your phone. Also, no way to have those go into the hard phone either? It would only make since the date could be mobile. This seems inevitable, but this would be a fantastic feature and allow us to deal w/ more advanced features rather than a simple transference of our customer database.

b) The on-boarding process is convoluted and up in the air. I'm not saying I had a bad experience, but I've called maybe 30+ times in the last week alone, and am finding there's no checklist you guys have that allows us to ensure basic call flow is setup. It would be nice to have some sort of template that can say, OK, how many numbers are you porting? Great. Let's go through that number and find out what you need. I was in the dark trying to keep track of call flow, nobody told me about the IVR until about 7 calls in, it's visually simple and useful. There surely must be some kind of checklist that can show, you call this number, you want it to go where? OK, and then where? I was able to figure out various call queues that you had to setup to make certain phones ring simultaneously, etc. There need to be some kind of checklist that makes it so we can visually see if we've covered all our bases. It's like going to the doctor, you may check no on a million items, but you check yes on the pain in your wrist, BUT, you still saw and checked off the items you didn't need.

Last thing, on advanced call handling you have to add hours over and over again. There must be a way that once you enter in the business hours for one of your special rules and you can dip into that info when you need it, vs.

d) If you switch from single-level to multi-level call handling, it erases all the rules you made. Yikes. This would have been part of the checklist, I didn't find out about multi-level call handling until the 20th call, even though I stated multiple times we are porting 2 numbers. This isn't to fault the employees, nobody can keep track of the eccentricities of each individual phone system, but if you could go through and check off all possible options somehow it would be great.

The system is great, but there's such a massive learning curve it's not easy. It's getting done and your system is great, these are just a few suggestions I've come up with since spending hours trying to get our system setup. Thanks!
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