Call logs: downloaded report to show date only (not day of the week).

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We use call logs to run analytics in our team. The date field in the csv exported from RingCentral admin portal, is not formated as a date field. It includes the day and date in the same field just as simple text. It cannot be used for data analysis and causes the entire process being manual.
In addition, even detailed view doesn't include a field that says if it's an incoming or outgoing call.
I really hope this is taken into consideration since it will make the exported csv so much more useful.
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Posted 4 years ago

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I totally agree with Michal on the day of the week being included in the date field (Mon 11/09/2015).  But I do get the type of call (inbound or outbound) in my csv reports.  It's under the DIRECTION column.

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The email report seems to correct the date field (by clicking Advanced Features > Delivery settings).  The problem I found was that the Forwarded To says "IP Phone" in the emailed report, but gives the actual extension in the downloaded CSV for the detailed report.  

They should have the same report as they do a CSV and I also agree that it should be a date field.
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Here is a good trick.  I also asked ring central to help, but I ended up needing to figure it out myself.

There truly should be a better report format.  You can't even tell who was on the phone when.  But here is a work-around.

Important: this only works for DOWNLOADING the report, and not if you send yourself the report by email every week

First get the report in the right format:

1) Navigate to Call Logs as Admin Portal
2) Choose Detailed View
3) Set the date of your report
4) Open Advanced Features
5) Set for "All Extensions"
6) Click "Show"
7) Click "Download"

Then use excel to make sense of it all:

1) Open the CSV and copy into an excel workbook or save as an excel workbook.
2) If you got the report in the right format, you will have columns A to O.
3) Make a copy of all the extensions and all of the "Forwarded To" items into a new sheet in a SINGLE COLUMN (and it must be in Column A, and name the sheet "Lookup"
4) On that sheet, select column a, and then from the data tab, choose "remove duplicates"
5) next to each number, name, extension, or phone number, put in the name of the person that belongs to it in column B.
6) Now here are all the formulas to put in to P2 to T2:
  S2:=IFERROR(IF(K2="Call connected",IF(AND(R2<>"",OR(J2="Transfer",J2="FindMe")),R2,P2),""),P2)
7) Copy the formulas down to the bottom of the sheet.
8) Now column Q will tell you the date, column S will tell you who was on the phone, and column T will tell you if it was ACTUALLY incoming for that person or outgoing for the person (Don't trust column B).