Desktop App: Deauthorize Softphone on Exit (logout)

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Many people have a desktop at work and use a laptop while traveling or working from home, myself included.  If the softphone would deauthorize when exited I could use the softphone on my desktop at work and my laptop on the road or at home without needing to go through the tedious process of manually deauthorizing it each time.
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Posted 4 years ago

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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Log on from any PC/Mac and use RingCentral Integrated to Other cloud apps such as....

Using Ringcentral Office ( (64-bit)) for our business integrated into ZohoCRM (CRM2016).
We are a true cloud company and hot desking environment. All our desktop computers have and laptops have access to ZohoCRM and have the RC desktop app installed. The idea is that people can turn up without a computer and use any of the desktops available in the office so they dont have to carry around anything more than a handheld device.

We have discovered that part of the integration between ZohoCRM and Ringcentral is hardcoded to a particular computer. For example a salesrep who usually works on a laptop while on the road and when in the office decides to work from home one day and logs in from his computer at home that also has the desktop app installed. We discovered that even though he is logged out from his laptop on both Zoho and RC, he cannot make a call from the desktop computer by clicking on the call button in ZCRM. After a 90 minute support session with a RC team member we discovered this was because RC is hard coding the authorised computer in the RC admin panel.
If we deauthorise computer 1 RC auto logs out of the desktop app, then we log out of ZohoCRM and relog into both apps we can now use RC desktop on computer 2
We were sold RC and indeed became partners on the back of the fact that is was a true cloud app - as users cant swap from computer to computer and log into their account from anywhere (as they have learned to do using Zoho) its not a true cloud application.
Please will you fix this issue so if RC desktop is installed a user can literally log onto to his account anywhere he has access to a browser and make use of his RC account integrated to ZohoCRM.

Hope my use case is clear enough for you to work from.
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I agree with what Scott said in his original post.  The other alternative would be to allow more than one authorized computer.  Even increasing the allowed number of authorized computers to two would be better, since most people either use their work computer or laptop.
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If RC are going to fix it they have to make the integration back end and not fixed to a computer. I have laptop, home computer and the choice of several computers at work I can log onto oh then there is my iPAD. I need to be able to move seamlessly between these devices


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RC limit to one softphone login requiring the user to login to the administrative portal to use the softphone on another computer, such as home office, is ridiculous.  RC should simply allow an automatic logout of the other softphone when in use on another computer.  To have to constantly reauthorize and deauthorize everytime you change through the admin portal is a serious negative and I am already looking for a better phone service solution.
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Agree with the feature being asked, also sometime people don't logout and have both machine running...
So I believe a quick and easy interim solution for RC would be to 'minimally' build a button right into the softphone program, so user can press it to authorize that computer right away!
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This is the way to go. Don't make the user go through the hoops. I need to make a call, I don't have time to deal with deauthorizations - I just need to hit an ACK to let me do what I need to do - make and receive calls right now.

Even with a non-live (phone) system such as Adobe product "Captivate" with a single license but installed on home-office and at work machines - where you login presently, asks to "deauthorize" the other location(s).
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I have a similar situation here.  Our call-center is all softphone-only (via a Desktop).  As an incentive, on some days managers allow some people to work-from-home.  The intent is that they would install / log into the softphone on their home-computer, and be able to work.  Even MS-Office will allow you to install on multiple computers.  The world we live in today, people do use multiple devices and computers.
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There is really no fix for this?  I don't understand why this wouldn't be configured so that logging in on a 2nd device would automatically replace the existing 'authorized' device, or leave both active...
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This would be great especially for those who telecommute part of the week.
So tedious to deauthorize over and over again.