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Ability to see who's available or on DND status.  As calls come in to the Operator.  The Operator or individual transferring the call should know if the person is available.  The feature is available on the Polycom phones so this seems to be a software issue not currently being supported.


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Posted 8 months ago

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Tim Smith

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I 2nd this. My operator is currently nagging me about this feature. She is not happy that we switched from the crappy Mitel system we used to have because the Mitel system gave her far more features.
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Gary Manske

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The Bridge Operator Console will give you the ability to see who is DND, Invisible, Busy, etc. Your operators can try is for 30 days at no cost. Just launch it from the link the app gallery:
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Telephone Bill

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This functionality is easily handled at the endpoint if the DND button sends the call to the person's voice mail. That makes it easy for the console operator. I would advise against giving users a true "Don't bother me. . . I will not take your call!" option..
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J.B. Ferguson, Champion

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I don't think that is the point the original poster (Carlos) is making. It's not a matter of whether the DND button is pushed "at the endpoint" (on the phone) but the ability for others to see their DND status...even when it is only activated on the user's device.
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Tim Smith

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You may advise against it, but a true DND feature is desirable by many of us who would like to use it. The current DND button is really a "Silent" button that prevents my phone from ringing and sends the call directly to my voicemail. This is subtly different from Do Not Disturb. I am not disturbed in either case, but the caller is inconvenienced. If I had a true DND button, the operator could see that I'm not available and ask the caller if they would like my voicemail or if they would like to talk to someone else. If this difference is meaningless to you, why even bother with presence indication at all? That is if you're willing to blindly shunt a caller to voicemail when the desired person is on DND, why should it bother you to throw the caller into voicemail when someone is on the phone? 

BTW, I did the demo of the Bridge Operator Console. It is slick. If we were transitioning to RingCentral today, I would recommend to my boss that we ditch desk phones and use BOC instead. 
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I have to agree with this post - I would like to see other user's DND status in the presense indicators around the office.

It is not just useful for receptionists, it is simply a useful feature for co-workers. If I can just glance at my phone and see if my assistant is on DND (perhaps out to lunch), I know I probably shouldn't bother getting up to go out and speak to her. If I know a colleague down the hall is DND, I know not to tell someone "hold on, I'll transfer you to Bob" or "I'll see if Bob is available so I can ask him when it will be done".

A similar issue I have is that there are two layers of DND: there is the DND on the deskphone and the DND in the app which apparently don't impact one another. There should be more integration between them, in my opinion.