Deskphone: User's Name to show up when we dial an extension number.

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Can we add this feature to this phone to talk to our directory? When people dial 4 digit extension number on our VVX 410, it does not show the caller ID?
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Posted 3 years ago

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I need this too.  Getting a lot of requests for this for all of our Polycom phones.
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Chris Russell

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I need this too! This is something that we lost when moving to RingCentral.
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When will this be happening?  We've lost this feature from our former phone system.
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If you have Admin access via the web portal you can review the extension settings

under PHONES > Phone Nickname

and enter your user's extension and name there.  Ours show up as you are requesting. 
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Chris Russell

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Hi Cecile,
Thank you for the suggestion, I added the users extension number in front of the user name and rebooted the phone. Then I tried to dial that users ext # and just the ext number shows up, not the user users name. Am I missing something?

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We used both the Extension Number and the User's Name in the Phone Nickname field which precisely matches our User name fields (First name looks like "1401 - Kimberly" and  Last name shows  "Wakefield"

It is possible your organization may have a separate Caller ID setting which could possibly be overriding Phone Nickname setting. 

Check in the Caller ID field and see what it displays as the default setting in your organization.
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Joe Zacky

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On my phone sometimes the name shows up and sometimes it doesn't.  I can't tell if it's getting the name from remembered incoming calls or what.  It's not consistent.

It would be nice if when I entered the 4-digit extension, and before dialing, the name from the Ring Central directory would be shown.  That would help me verify I punched in the right number.  Even our antique phone system had this feature.

Extension 2705 has a name but it doesn't show up.

Extension 2032 did not show up at first. Then I looked it up on my phone in the company directory. After that it showed up.  The 12342032766 is a number I dialed previously, so it seems to be picking up outgoing calls among other things.

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Kelsey Barber

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We also need this - when we dial an extension on our polycom 601, we would like the name of the employee that owns that extension to populate on the phone of the person who dialed it when it connects, rather than just displaying the extension we dialed. This was lost when we moved to RingCentral. 
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i'm guessing if you dial digits its assuming your starting to dial a phone number. now when you hit dial after the 4 digits id assume it should know you've dialed an internal extension and it should display.
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It might be worth mentioning that when I go through the corporate directory, it shows the name in the search results. Yet, when I hit Dial (from the directory) that name doesn't show on the main screen. So the phone is capable of it, but it appears that outgoing calls don't show any names. Even calling a contact from the standard directory has the same issue.
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USA-based acct | 2287 Users | 3800 DID lines | 28 sites | all Polycom VVX500 phone handsets 

2018-05-09 This has to do with how your SuperAdmin originally provisioned your user names and devices.

If the devices are standardized with the "device Nickname" differently that the User Name in the Users tab of the portal - this can result in the issue you describe. 

All 3 areas where info is referenced are standardized one way, the display will be correct regardless of which ever way to call is initiated:

  • Caller ID
  • User Name
  • Device Nickname

(we do not use alternate Caller ID function in the extended version of that option)
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Called Number ID.

Account type: US 
A brief description of the business 
A high level description of the product or feature being requested: When dialing out extension number name will appear on the screen
A typical use case scenario explaining how your business would use the feature: when there is internal communication needed 
Benefit of such feature: ease of communication and to secure dialed extension is the right person 
Include any related case number if applicable
Number of Users and/or Digital Lines 155
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I also need this feature, please put this on your next software update.
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Hello Everyone! This feature will be coming out in our 11.0 release which begins rolling out in February 2019 (barring any unforeseen issues)

Phones sold by RC and able for Assisted Provisioning will apply