Caller ID: Allow all extensions to use any number within the account for outbound Caller ID

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Direct phone number from an extension can be use as outbound caller id number of a deskphone assigned to a different extension.


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Posted 4 years ago

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Account Type:  US
My business is an indoor golf training facility that also takes students out to the course to continue their training.  We're called Golf Swing Prescription
The description of what would we would like to see in the future is using any of our extneions on the Ringcentral App allowing it to show any of our registered phone numbers.  For some reason my "Call From" option will only allow me to show 949-554-9926 as my Caller ID when making an outogoing call only if i'm using extension 101.  It would be extremely beneficial if I could use this number when making outgoing calls with any of my other extensions such as 102, 103, 104, 105, and 106.  Right now for whatever reason I do not have this option.  I have talked to Tech Support and it's not an available option for me.  So now my outgoing number for all extensions (aside from the Super Admin x101) has to show a DIFFERENT number which in the long run confuses my customers.  (this also applied to the Ringcentral fr Desktop)
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I own a business with several divisions. I would like my divisions numbers to have the same outbound and inbound caller ID, however, some of the numbers I have for said businesses are third party. I have been a customer of ring central for a very long time and would like to see this feature integrated into the services that Ring Central already provides for my business needs. Thank you.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Caller ID: Add IVR Phone Numbers as Outbound Caller ID options in the Desktop & M....

1. Account Type - US
2. We are in the Property Management, Concierge and Field Service Business
3. I'm requesting to add a feature to the Mobile app and Desktop App. It would be convenient to have the IVR Menu Phone Numbers available to select as options for Outbound Caller ID within the drop down on the App dialers. Currently you have to go into your extension settings then select your outbound number. It would be much more convenient if they were available directly on the dialer instead of just auto-reception numbers which currently are listed.
4. Our property managers, manage several different condo associations. They make many calls during the day to different residents at different buildings and we need the residents to be able to call back to their specific building number as they have different IVR menus it's important for our call routing. It's inconvenient for our managers to have to flip through their settings every time. they need to make a phone call.
5. It will make calling out more convenient and call routing easier.
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Truett Nealy

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This used to be an option for RC users.  I have had this service for many years, and it was taken away as an option on our account.  Very frustrating.  I was told that it was b/c of spoofing.  I do understand why RC would take away the ability of customers to put in any number as outbound caller ID, but do NOT understand why we are not able to assign our OWN PAID FOR numbers as individual outbound ID's to any extension we wish.  A few issues come from this...
1 someone working from home with a VOIP phone and they want to appear at work (have the same outbound direct phone as work) can't do it.  You show up as an upknown number or main company number (if they have a missed call from you, they have no idea who it is).
2. As the user PHOUSE above explained...We have different divisions at the company and when clients call back, we want it to go directly to a specific department.  As it stands now, you can only select the direct line that the phone has, or the main company number.  It's extremely limiting and causes a lot of problems.
I've called multiple times and they keep referring me to this community.  I'm hoping enough RC customers are as frustrated by this as I am and they change it.
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Truett, not sure I totally understand the issue here.  The outbound caller Id options are the assigned digial number to a phone, the main company number or any other company number assigned.

So in your case why cant you create company numbers you want to be able to select for outbound and then put a rule in for when people call that number back you direct it to the right group ERC....

Maybe you could explain why this would not work.

Thank you

Chuck Fuscone
Certified RC Consultant
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Truett Nealy

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Thanks for the reply - When I go to change anyone's outbound caller ID in our system, the only option is the digital number assigned to the phone (direct dial number), the main company number, and BLOCKED.  So if I have a phone at work and a phone at home and want BOTH to have the same outbound direct dial number (I would always want them to return the call to my direct line at work), it won't allow for that.  If it did, I would then forward the work phone to my home number and all would go smoothly.  Does this make sense?  As it stands now, any employee can call from home but they get return calls only at home at that direct number.  Or we would have to give out our main number and ext.
* NOTE: this is the biggest issue when we want to make calls on behalf of a department, such as accounting.  We then want all incoming calls to go to the accounting direct dial so the 1 person receiving calls can handle them. 
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Yes, this makes sense but there is a way, you would want to put these phone numbers that are associated with departments, as company numbers, this way you have the option to select just as you do the main from other phones, and you also have the option to route inbound calls via rules when customers call back.

This is doable with just a little bit of configuration.

Maybe talk off line to discuss the options further?

Chuck Fuscone
Certified Ring Central Consultant
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Our account has multiple phone numbers. We want to be able to use any of those numbers as outbound caller ID when logged in to one number. Currently we have to log out and log in to the specific number we want to call out from which gets to be difficult and time consuming.
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There is a better way.  See my comments above on converting the numbers.  This will allow you to select before making the call

Chuck Fuscone
Certified Ring Central Consultant
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Use any (Owned) phone number as Call-Out.

1. U.S. Account
2. Property Management
3. The ability, as an admin, to enter any number we own as the outbound number for a user
4. We have ring groups which branch our calls to different users. The main outbound number is currently assigned to the Auto-Receptionist and the IVR is used to route those calls to the 'users without phones' where the ring groups live, our users outbound numbers are set as the property number and everything is fine. 

Except for SMS messages, which still go to the auto receptionist.

So really the main phone number needs to have everything forwarded to the property user rather than just calls, the easiest way to do that would be to assign said number to the property user, but then we can't assign it as outgoing for the users that need it.
5. See 4
6. N/A
7. about 120 user / lines, 20 properties that are affected by this issue.
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To sum it up, any number that is owned by the organization should be functional as outbound caller ID.  I know there's a process to take a number and place it in Company Numbers, but the process to do so is disruptive when a number is already assigned to a phone.   For companies such as ours, we need different outbound caller ID depending on the site. 

The ability to change outbound caller ID in this way can be restricted to admins on the account. 
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Caller ID showing as another assigned number.

I have a rep in my office that would like his caller ID when he calls out to show as his assistant's direct line. He would like it to where anyone in his practice that calls out can use this one number as the caller ID number. We were able to do this with our previous company and he would like this same feature.