Allow custom sizing of RingCentral Desktop App

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The new Softphone 8.3.4 has a minimum size that is about half again larger (mostly by height) than the previous version. The minimum size is now 5-1/2 inches tall and 3 inches wide on my laptop. The increase takes an extra 6 square inches on my laptop. The fonts used are much larger, too. However, the letters under the keypad numbers (ABC under 2, etc.) are still too light and difficult to see.

Those of you who has asked for it to be larger will like it. Those who value screen space will have to get used to the loss.

I am an older person and don't see nearly as well as a young person, but the previous smaller size was plenty large enough for me.

Is there something in the settings I'm missing to take it back to a smaller size?

The standalone incoming call window is larger, too. But I like that.
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Posted 4 years ago

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Hi John,   No, there's not a way to change the size, but I work on various devices and do think it would be nice to have the ability to change the size depending on the screen I'm working on.  I've changed this to a feature request so others can chime in and vote on this idea. 

Thanks for your post!

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I administer our RC Account (Office Premium), the day of the update I had a few users comment on the inability to resize the window.  It just seems to make since to have that available.
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There definitely needs to be a way to adjust font size.  Developers have no idea what screen configuration you are using.  The RingCentral app font is twice as big as the font in other applications.  Everyone has preferences and font size is definitely one of them.
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Please, please please give us the option to adjust the size of the softphone.  I cannot use this as it takes up the height that is greater than my screen size, and then I cannot grab it and move it anywhere.  It is getting so frustrating I am thinking about finding a different Voip provider.
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Dave Hart

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I agree. We would also like to be able to adjust the size of the softphone. Please make this possible.
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I am still looking forward to being able to change the size!
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PLEASE let us change the size.   Whatever the last update was, the screen on the desktop is absolutely huge.  Takes up way too much space on a small screen.
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Font size and color/contrast settings would be very helpful.
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I too would like to enlarge the picture size on my windows 10 pc.
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The window and fonts are all too big.    Please make this configurable.  
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Should be changeable just like a browser.
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I see this is three years old but still has not changed. Just to chime in that I find (running Mac Desktop) the fonts too large and the minimum window size too large. As there apparently are many different experiences, some sort of setting for font size seems important to have. For those of us who use RC along with multiple other 'accessory' apps as a dashboard of sorts on a second monitor, this is rather annoying. FWIW, I changed the window height preference in the appstorage.db to 400 from the minimum 600, and it looked fine (of course, it jumps back to minimum 600 as soon as you try to resize). 
This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Desktop app appearance | font size & contrast.

Just wanted to have this feature to adjust the text size and contrast depending on how dark or light the text for the desktop app.
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Second this, pretty standard in the world of accessible software
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I was using a second monitor and then when I disconnected the text size went very small. Like 3pt and even after restart, log in log out it won't go back to normal
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Please allow a setting to disable the minimum size of the desktop
window. In windows 10 you can snap apps to half and quarter screens... but your app oversteps the quarter height by 20%. As I use the desktop app nearly exclusively for the ringout feature, i'd be thrilled to see a "miniplayer" option that I could just float above primary apps.