Desktop App: Multiple Extensions viewing faxes to single fax number

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A brief description of the business:
We are a medical clinic with multiple departments. hippa requirements (preventing faxes from being delivered to email accounts).  We are not a large corporation that can afford to have hundred of lines.

A high level description of the product or feature being requested:
1) A fax number / voice number.  With computer software, there is no reason to need a separate phone line and fax line.  A computer should be able to recognize an incoming fax tone and switch modes to receive it as a fax.

2) We would like to have each department on one line.  Each person in the department needs to be on a separate extension.  Faxes sent to the main department number (ex 337 100-1000) would go to all users who share that department number (appearing on every extensions fax log on the desktop app).  Faxes sent to a particular extension.  (ex 337 100-1000 ext 101) would go to only that users desktop app (ex 337 100-1000 ext 101 would go only to the user assigned ext 101).

A typical use case scenario explaining how your business would use the feature:
A multispecialty medical clinic might operate under two separate names- Internal Medicine vs Neurology.  Faxes going to one group don't need to be seen by the other.  Yet, they share the same office space, and the same phone numbers.  Thus, a means of allowing the two to organize phone calls and messages, but still share faxes that are common to both (ex utility bills, fire insurance, etc) is needed.

Benefit of such feature:
This would enable our business to shield sensitive information (faxes) from certain employees by delivering the messages directly to the intended recipient (no changing of hands).  And at the same time the benefit of sending a fax to all employees in a department is not lost.  The later is important in the instance of tasks where the first person who can get to the fax needs to tend to it.

This kind of setup would allow a medium size business to compete in terms of organization and workflow with that of the larger competitors.  The advantage to ring central is that you are adding a huge benefit to the user without tying up multiple of your lines. 

And FYI, cox offers something like this with their softphones.  For instance, cox will offer a business 2 hard lines, but maybe 20 extensions.  Those hard lines do NOT go to any one extension, but to all of them.  Therefore, a person from the outside calling in can call directly in to any desired extension.  And while that person is talking on one line, any extension can still call out.  The catch is that only two people can be on the phone at a time, despite the fact that there are 20 extensions. 

Combine the above idea with a smart system that knows when the incoming call is a fax or a human, and you are severely cutting costs of medium size businesses, AND improving their workflow/organization.
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