Either Sales are inept or Technology is misleading Sales of their capabilities

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Marketing needs to project realistic service capabilities provided by Ring Central Technology.

About a year ago as a new startup company I was looking for ways to decrease expenses. Ring Cental seemed like a good choice to combine Online Meetings and Phone. I was advised by sales people that they could provide good quality service matching Webex between my clients and India team. So, I canceled Webex.

THE EXPERIENCE: For months we experienced so many problems with online meetings that my US customers began insisting on using their Webex accounts instead of me setting up Ring Central meetings. Something always went wrong with Ring Central sessions whether it was US to US or US to INDIA. These are large global accounts and it made my company look unprofessional! Today they still bring up some of the issues we experienced on those calls even if it is jokingly ... but the negative impact still remains.

I reported these issues to Ring Central support but they could not find an issue so "resolution could not be found" was the final analysis each time.

Finally after months of this I escalated it to higher levels of support. Why did I cancel Webex only to pay for Ring Central service I simply cannot use? I was assigned a more senior technical staffer who set up logging on my system. After about 2 months+ Ring Central technical reviewed the logs created by the system and came back with the response that they are unable to offer quality service in India. SALES ? ARE YOU LISTENING? You need to tell customers about this BEFORE they sign up for an account (Especially with a non-refund policy!!!!!!). How much time and money did I waste and how much embarrassment in front of my clients did I experience? A Lot I Can Tell You.

I kept the  service for phone use. Besides it was listed on the website and on all marketing material. It was very expensive to change. I don't use a phone system and instead forward calls to my iPhone. Calls were ALWAYS dead when I answered them. Since I am new and I don't have many customers yet the calls were spaced out far enough that I assumed that the client either hung up or it was a wrong number. However, around July or Aug I began taking the Ring Central phone number off business cards and Marketing materials (expensive change) because I could not rely upon the service. I tried to cancel the service but they don't refund for service. (No Service).

Last week I called again because of a ring I could not answer. The technician decided that these were nuisance calls and changed the number assigned on my account. I tried to be hopeful.

THE LAST STRAW: Today I received a call through my iPhone Ring Central Application from a very large account I wanted to do business with. When I answered, it was dead air again. I tried for about 30 seconds to get some connection but was unable to do so. I phoned Ring Central support. They stated that having the application set to forward on the first ring and using data instead of WiFi was an issue and they could not guarantee good service. They wanted me to switch to WiFi and set the rings to 3 or more rings. I did not want customers waiting that long for me to answer so I declined.

In Aug I tried to cancel the service but was told there were no refunds and it was sched to end in Sep. But after today's fiasco I want to cancel it immediately proactive back to Aug. In fact, I should get the entire year refunded but I'll settle for Aug.

BEWARE potential clients - MARKETING sells capabilities that cannot be delivered by the TECHNOLOGY. Either that or the technology department is misleading the Marketing department.

Also - During cancellation: I was told that the only way to ensure that Marketing learned of customer issues was to post it online. To me - Ring Central needs to have an internal system to report back to Marketing and Technical as to why clients are dissatisfied with the service so that they know which features they sell actually work and to give technical a road map of which features need maturing.

What is your experience with Ring Central Service in the US?
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Richard Q

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Posted 2 years ago

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Amazon Chime is a good alternative to Meetings.  I use that for those "important" meetings.
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Richard Q

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Thanks I'll give that a try. :)
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Hello Richard,  Thank you for taking the time to write up, and post this review. We really do appreciate this feedback. Rest assured that I will be sharing this with both Sales and Support leaders.   

If there is anything you do wish to share privately, you can send an email to community.support@ringcentral.com