Enabling Persistent handset/headset volume on VVX 411

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Tele sales

Polycom VVX 411

Remembering/Persistent configured handset/headset volume

E.G If calls to another company are consistently quiet or loud our users would like to turn the volume up or down and then hit "save" to peg the volume at that setting. 

Users wouldn't have to turn the volume up or down for every single call.

300 lines

I'd like the ability to enable Persistent volume configuration on all of our environments Polycom VVX 411 handsets.

Polycom allow this setting to be configured from off to on but it needs to be configured on the provisioning server.

In this case...that's you guys 


Cisco Call manager allows admin's to upload configuration files for their handsets base preference set and I'd appreciate a similar ability here for admin's, even if in a limited sense such as configuring this binary switch from off to on.

Thank you
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Brendan Walker

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Posted 2 years ago

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Craig Lohman

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Agree.  As a new business to RingCentral, we are working on configuring our phones to roll-out to our company.  I was looking for this feature as well and surprised that this option is not available through phones purchased from RingCentral.  As you mentioned, Polycom allows this functionality, but we are not able to access it.  Please update so that we can allow users to set default volume level within each user's Polycom phone.
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Do you have a lot of phones?  If not too many, it may be manageable to log into each and download the config files, make the config file change and upload it.  I have done this for similar features like disabling the missed call indicator.  It survives a reboot too.  You may need to ask RC support for admin passwords to your phones if you purchased from them.
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Brendan Walker

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Yeah a good 250 and that's going to double soon unfortunately.
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Brandon, Champion

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Yeah, that would be time consuming ;) I just looked at my VVX config and it has:


I don't recall changing it so I would think that is default.  I am also not in my office so can't actually test the behavior.

I guess not for you though?

I wonder if UK accounts use a different (mine is US) default due to regulations around hearing impaired?
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Anyone seeing this issue check out this thread: https://community.ringcentral.com/ringcentral/topics/new-usb-headset-for-polycom-vvx500-remember-vol...

RC support was able to resolve this for our VVX411s with a custom firmware config. It's apparently tagged to our account so it will automatically apply to any new phones we add in the future as well.