Enhancements for real time call monitoring and call recordings in stereo

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Enhancement 1:

Per original support case #05599980, we are looking for the ability of automatic monitoring of selected call center calls in real time. For this purpose, we want to use one SIP account and the call monitoring feature (dialing *80 and entering monitoring extension afterwards). In this case, we'll initiate multiple calls from the same SIP device (which will be integrated with a computer system) to call the monitoring feature, and we would like to have said single SIP device to be authorized to make several monitoring calls at the same time (for monitoring several active calls concurrently). We are looking to make at least several dozens of concurrent monitoring calls from said SIP device.


Enhancement 2:

Per original support case #05524336, we use RingCentral call recordings in our internal service. Currently, RingCentral provides call recordings in mono format where caller and callee voices are mixed together. We would like to have the ability to receive call recordings in stereo format, in such a way that the caller and callee voices would be recorded separately in different channels. 



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Posted 3 years ago

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Moshe Abramovitch

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Any update on this one?, We are also looking​ forward for stereo recording
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Mike, Official Rep

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No, Sorry there's no update or anything on the road-map for this.  This is a pretty new request with few votes.  For all those interested please vote and comment. 

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Becki Strader, Employee

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1. US
2. Small business insurance
3. It is important to the business to have the agents calls recorded real time and transcribed so that managers can assist their agents. They have contracted Velvetech to create a connection to RingCentral to record those calls, however, they need 2 audio streams for a diarized transcript.
4. Insureon needs this feature for their business - it is something that Velvetech currently does with Avaya.
5. No current case number
7. 392 DL's - not under contract - month-to-month
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Matt Barcus

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Implementing this feature request (stereo call recording) is going to be pretty important in the near future with the evolution of Artificial Intelligence (AI).  We are looking at several software platforms that take the Ringcentral call recordings of our sales conversations and transcribes them to be able to run all kinds of AI-driven analytics on the conversation.  Fortunately some of these services have a workaround where they can "voice print" that people on the call and figure out which one is our sales person.  However, that takes time and delays the analytics.  Having Ringcentral let you record in stereo would make this so much simpler and faster.  
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Mamatha R

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Currently we are majorly using Twilio for doing all our calls for this very reason, would consider switching to ringcentral if this gets prioritized.