Fax: add name of recipient in Fax Confirmation emails.

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Recently I have noticed that the sent fax confirmations that I receive by email no longer list the name of the recipient, just their fax number. Is there a way to return to having it list the name and fax number of the recipient?

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Eli Whitney

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Posted 5 years ago

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Mike, Official Rep

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Hello Eli,  

I changed this post to an "idea" topic so that it gets reviewed by our Product Team. 
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john lambert

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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Recipient name in fax confirmation.

They have taken away 2 of the features that we use the most for our business. Receiving the Name in the sent confirmation email and the messages feature where we could go see what was sent etc without having to login online. Please fix this as we are looking for another service unless this is fixed
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Jason Shah

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Yes, this need to be re-added.

Currently the confirmation email still contains the label "Name" where the recipient's name once appeared...now it's just blank.  What is the logic in that??  Removing the feature, but leaving remnants of the feature in the confirmation email?  Laziness?  Please fix this.
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Cherie Murray

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The 'name' field needs to be implemented immediately. why is the field present in the confirmation if it wasn't possible? That just does not make sense. I work in a law firm & we require the 'name' field on our fax confirmations so when affidavits are done & the confirmation sheet attached, it proves a fax was sent to that particular office.
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Credit where credit is due... RC fixed this and it is working just as I had hoped. Thanks
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Correct Whitney, this has been implemented!! :-) 

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Gerald Heinrich

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This has not been implemented.    I have been on the phone with support for over two hours and they don't know how to make it appear.
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Saadet, Employee

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Hi Gerald,

When I send a fax to someone in my contacts it shows up...

This one is from my Company Directory - via my test account

This one is from my Personal Contacts which was sent via my test account
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Gerald Heinrich

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If you send a fax to someone who is not in your contacts list, their name will not appear in the confirmation.   Although there is a field in the fax cover sheet for the name of the recipient, this name does not transmit back in the fax confirmation.

Doesn't it just make sense to include that name in the fax confirmation?   There is a field for it in the confirmation.  I send faxes to a company who has thousands of employees and they all use the same incoming fax number.   There is no way that I can add them all to my contact list.

It appears to me that this is a problem with your service and people don't use your service because of this.
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Saadet, Employee

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Sorry for the frustration, Gerald. The transmission results are based upon the number provided and whether or not it is listed in your Contacts. The Recipient Details section is for the Cover Sheet information. 

You are more than welcome to submit a new Feature Request for us to pull information from those fields. 
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Gerald Heinrich

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I understand how it works.   I still disagree with the fact that they must be in your contact list in order for their name to appear in the fax confirmation.   Your failure to include the Receipt Name in the fax confirmation doesn't make sense to me.

Your failure to include this information is the reason that I must continue to use another companies fax service.