Call Queue: requesting Call Waiting for queue members

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I'd like my users to be able to answer multiple incoming calls to a main number call group even if they are currently connected on a call. They should be able to place the current call on hold and answer another call. Most of my locations have just a few employees who are members of the group but are not always available. There are scenarios where just one person is available to answer calls for the main number group.

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Posted 4 years ago

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Call Queues under groups


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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Call Queue: Second Line to ring when call in a call queue.

I have a major issue with a client moving to RingCentral since the phones in a call queue are not able to answer more than 1 incoming call to the queue. The option to hold a call and answer a second, or even third, call would solve a huge gap between RC and the legacy phone system.
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I need this feature as well. We need to be able to place a call on hold and answer an incoming call while user is on the phone.
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Yes please!  We need this!!  It's a huge hit to productivity. 
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We have numerous patients calling into our office at a time and set up queue to manage this; However the ability to put line 1 on hold and answer line 2 to then be put on hold and go back to line 1 would be more efficient use of the staff and my own time.

I have noticed many patients hang up due to the long wait times.
We need this toggling between both lines available asap!!
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Ring groups will not allow a call to be forwarded to an external number after a period of rings.  That is why I had to go with call queues.  I have 4 people in different locations that are each on shift only one at a time and if they are unable to get a call it needs to roll over to an external call center.  I'd prefer my guys to have a chance to grab the call before it rolls over if they are on another call though.
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Right, we were trying with call queues but didn't work to attend more of one call at the time.  Ring Groups is the easy solution.  It should work with an external phone number... sometimes we use cell phone numbers to add to the group...
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Oh sorry..Ring groups will roll over to an external number but requires someone on the other end to press 1 to accept the call.  Since our calls are rolling to another automated attendant there isn't someone there to press 1 to take the call.  We needed the ability to disable the press 1 prompt.
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In the Call Queue the user has to press 1 to connect if forwarded externally. However, this option can be disabled on a RingGroup that is built inside a virtual extension.  

Under Users > Call Handling & Forwarding > Incoming Call Information > 3rd option "Play announcement" set to Never. 
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I agree that call queues are not the right way to handle this.  What RC calls "Ring Groups" has issues because they are really just users with call forwarding.  What is truly needed is a separate ring group object that is purpose built.  

For us there are two major drawbacks "ring groups".
1. Calls can only be forwarded to physical phones or the Ring Central desktop phone app.  No mobile apps will work and neither will the desktop version of Glip.
2. People receiving the call do not know the call came from the "ring group". 

While not a traditional feature of call queues optionally allowing a call to go to agents already on a call would be a very welcome addition.
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How would you setup a ring group for the main company number? When I choose existing phone number from the add shared lines screen, it says there are no existing phone numbers found. I came into a recent example of the call queue limitation. Say you have 2 cordless phones on a single base "line" only one of the cordless phones can be used to answer an incoming call from a call queue. I need to be able for all lines and phones to be able to answer multiple incoming calls into the main number. Any advice would be appreciated.

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I believe I found my workaround by creating a new extension, pointing the attendant to that extension and forwarding that call to all of the phone lines and part of a ring group.  


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I feel the same way. The restrictions of Ring Central are not suitable for our business. We need our call queues to allow call waiting also. 
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Please contact your Sales Rep regarding RingCentral Contact Center that offers more "call center" features. 
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There needs to be a way to be able to hold a call and pickup a second incoming call off of a call queue from the same extension.
My workaround was forwarding the main line to an extension, setting the presence on the other handsets to ring when the main line extension rings. This works until you want to use the park feature as once you place a call on park, it starts to ring back to every phone that has the 'ring my extension when a monitored line rings.' and a park location set in presence.
Allowing for call waiting in a call queue is somewhat a necessary feature.
I also need this "call waiting" type feature on my call queues. So important to our operational flow - and without any useful alternatives within Ring Central - I may have to start looking to other call management systems.
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I have calls forwarded from Rincentral to a land line.  I do not use an IP phone.  I was told that If I had a IP phone there is a light notification on the phone.  As this is not the set up for the business, this is not an option.  I too would like the functionality of a standard call waiting tone when a second line is trying to call as I only have 1 person at any given time able to receive calls for the business. Call queue, still does not allow for a notification to the call recipient, which is the function I am specifically looking for so that the phone call recipient can cut short the original caller.
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I would like it to let me know when a ringcentral call comes in when I am on a personal call
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Call Waiting is a very important feature and I would also like to have this option.  Is it possible to enable this feature for a call que?  If not available now, will this be available anytime soon?  
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Shine, if you want call waiting then do not use the call queue setup.  Call queues have a specific purpose and RC is not going to put call waiting on a call queue setup.  There is no need,

If you explain your call flow better and what you need, a configuration without call queues could be established


Certified RC Installer
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I do not believe this is a true statement.  We are now being told that Virtual Extensions (users without a phone) will be charged as a user with a digital line when 10 or more calls come into the extension.  Using a Virtual Extension that rings other desk phones (forward to other users phones) is the only method we have found to have Call Waiting on inbound calls.

If Queues were to have an option to enable call waiting, this entire issue would be resolved.  I feel this should be enabled before accounts are moved to a status that charges for Virtual Extensions that receive more than 9 calls.

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BL Admin, I don't know if or when they'll add this as a feature so please click the vote button at the top if you have not done so already.  

As far as being charged for virtual extensions, we request that you speak directly with your account manager. Every customer has unique needs and they might be able to work with you on this.  Also visit:  Mobile User FAQs
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled CALL WAITING.

I would like the availability of members in the call queue to answer more than one call at a time or have the option of handling more than one call at a time. In our office, sometimes depending on scheduling, there is only one person here able to answer the phone and not having the option to put a call on hold and answer another is a problem. 
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Like Chuck suggested, don't use the Call Queue groups.  There are other ways to have calls ring the phones. 
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JP on RC

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Like what? I've been trying ALL DAY to get this fixed and am about to switch to Asterisk... Only option I have is to send it to an extension with ring groups.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled answer multiple calls from que simultaneously.

I would like to be able to answer a call from que even if I am on a call. We are using Cisco 303 right now. So even when on a call I would like to option to seeing who is calling in from the que and maybe put my call on hold and answer the call that is coming in.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Call Queues: Enable ringing to users already on a call..

US Based E-Commerce retailer that uses RC for all our phone needs.  We would like the option to allow/enable a call queue to ring users regardless of their status e.g. phone will ring if the user is on the phone or not.  If the user is on the phone they get a call waiting notification like they would if someone had direct dialed them.

This is an important feature for us because of certain VIP lines.  We have a normal sales line which operates in a queue with a next-agent-available mentality.  However, the VIP line is reserved only for select customers and those customers need to be helped immediately.  We also have lines for Accounting and Purchasing that also need incoming calls to ring all agents regardless of their status.

In other competitor systems I have used a "Ring Group" or "Call Group" feature for the VIP line while using a call queue for the main sales line.  So, alternatively a "Ring Group" feature that did not operate as a call queue would also work well.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Incoming Call notifications during queue calls.

We are a US based business, a property management company with over 20 different locations. Some of these locations have 6 or 7 users and some only have 2 users. We set up call queues for each location and port the incoming numbers to the queue. Someone at the location picks up the phone and everyone is happy.

If someone calls in during the first call, and there is no one in the second office to answer the phone, the user has no clue another call is coming in. It does not ring, beep, or display the incoming call on their phone.

I would like to see an option in the Call Queues to display additional incoming calls during queue calls.

At the moment the only way we have found to do this would be to create an additional user, and pay the $30 / month (for 20+ different locations!) just to get this feature which can be implemented via ring groups.
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As many of you, we have (2) Call Queues, for we have two phone lines and need to answer the call differently based on the number called--for the products offered . We started with the two call queues and then didn't like that a user on an active call couldn't pickup addition calls coming, for many times we only have 1-2 people available in the office. We wanted each user to have the option to anser multiple calls, so then we tried virutal users for a while with 3-digit indicaters infront of the caller ID number; however, we weren't able to redial the customer's numbers.

We've gone back to useing the Call Queues; however, in order for this feature to work best for us, we need each user to be able to answer multiple calls. I'm not satisfied with the Call Queue limitation in this regard.

If anyone has a better suggestions please let me know.

I hope the RingCentral engineers will listen to our feedback on this thread and help solve this major issue with Call Queues for needs like ours! 
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We need this feature!
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Small call ques need away to let the customer know he is being handled and being able to answer and acknowledge they are being attended to you need this feature.
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We are going to have to leave RC because lack of this feature. How can you not have call waiting or some type of indicator in a queue? Love the rest.
This simply doesn't make any sense.  One of the main reasons to have a multi-line phone is so you can handle multiple incoming calls at once.  It should NOT be this complicated.  You really need to find a simple solution to this frustrating problem.  #majordesignflaw
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Jamie Abernathy

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My company is also leaving RC because of this issue. With this many folks needing this feature I don't see why there cant be a "show call presence" switch that can be toggled on and off for each call Que and the end user decide if they want the feature on or off
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Call Queue Options.

Hello, I would like to be able enable other lines on a call queue. Our current situation is that we would like to be able to answer multiple lines and have calls answered on our Ring Central App. Because of the way the call queue is set up you cannot answer multiple calls and have the cell phone app as well.
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We would very much appreciate this feature - if we can already be on a call and still receive notifications that someone on an internal extension is calling us, surely it cannot be beyond the remit of the developers to allow us to receive these notifications from the call queue, too.