Call Queue: requesting Call Waiting for queue members

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I'd like my users to be able to answer multiple incoming calls to a main number call group even if they are currently connected on a call. They should be able to place the current call on hold and answer another call. Most of my locations have just a few employees who are members of the group but are not always available. There are scenarios where just one person is available to answer calls for the main number group.

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Posted 3 years ago

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I have only been with RingCentral for about three weeks.  I, too, need the capability to put a caller on hold and take another call.  I am quite frustrated this basic feature is not available with RingCentral.  I also don't understand why RingCentral is unresponsive to the many requests for a feature that almost all analog business phones were capable of and people have come to expect.

I also foolishly assumed that one could enter contacts in the RingCentral desktop app and they would sync to the desk phone.  I am still incredulous that such an obvious feature does not exist.
The lack of these two features has really soured my usage of RingCentral, and after only three weeks, I am exploring other options.  Using RingCentral should be intuitive.  Any time it is not, it is a failure on RingCentral's part.  Your customers all have businesses to run.  We can ill afford wasting time trying to develop work arounds for phone system features that should be baked into the product.  Please address these deficiencies immediately!
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled wait time on call queue and continues flow of calls.

wait time on call queue and continues flow of calls.
 have a call queue with 7 members. and whats happening is that if 2 available member is on a call. 
it will ring the 5  available members which is just fine but what we wanted to
happen is that if the 5 available ext did not answer that call and one of the 
member that is on a active call ended the call we wants that active caller's phone
to also ring 
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled To be able to accept another call when I am on a call in the call queue..

When I am on a call in the queue, and a new call comes in, I am unable to answer the new incoming call (even if I disconnect or place the original call on hold).  When I press an open line, I only get a dial tone. 
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Working as designed.  Call queues are SINGLE threaded which means only one call at a time will be delivered to an available phone.  If you want the ability to answer multiple calls then you need to change your call flow not to use the call queues and maybe use Ring Groups?

there are options

Certified RC consultant
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Thanks Chuck, 

I spoke with Tech support again, and they changed more settings on call groups.  I believe we have a workaround now. 

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What is the work around?
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Seconded. What's the work around?
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Unless there is a way for RC engineers to add Call Waiting to a Call Queue, then I would assume they added a "Ring Group".  This is just a user that is setup without a digital line, and told to "Forward to Other's Phones" under Call Handling and Forwarding.  This will allow for Call Waiting, but breaks Presence, as they Ring Group is taking the call, not the user.
To my knowledge, you still have to choose between having Presence or having Call Waiting.  You also have to use a Ring Group if you want calls to go to an IVR after ringing phones first.
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Apparently, we had a "ring group" set up, but the settings were incorrect, so it was not working properly.

When a call is being used (on line 1), we are able to see the incoming call (line 2) on call waiting, and then press the button on the display for the second incoming call (line 2), which parks line 1 on hold and allows us to answer the call on line 2.

This is much better than me placing call 1 on hold, running to a second office, picking up line 2, and transferring the call back to my phone so I can pick it up! 
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Wondering if this was ever solved. This is a very very important part of our business. We just switched to RC, and disappointed that this isn't the default.
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Hi Naftali, our Product Team is actually already looking into this as a possibility for next year. I'll post more updates when they become available!
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Thank you Saadet.  This is really very important.  We have had to use up an extension as a 'hunt group' as this is the only way we can see other calls coming through when busy as Call Queues do not allow for this.  We therefore lose the other great features of Call Queues.  Other products such as 8X8 already have this ability so it would be great if RC take note of the numerous requests for this.
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I just moved a Client over to Ring Central and this is a huge deal. They have around 20 phones and are considering moving to a new Phone System if they can not get this feature. Has anyone been able to find a work around?