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I'd like my users to be able to answer multiple incoming calls to a main number call group even if they are currently connected on a call. They should be able to place the current call on hold and answer another call. Most of my locations have just a few employees who are members of the group but are not always available. There are scenarios where just one person is available to answer calls for the main number group.

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Posted 4 years ago

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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Call Queue: Second Line to ring when call in a call queue.

I have a major issue with a client moving to RingCentral since the phones in a call queue are not able to answer more than 1 incoming call to the queue. The option to hold a call and answer a second, or even third, call would solve a huge gap between RC and the legacy phone system.
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I need this feature as well. We need to be able to place a call on hold and answer an incoming call while user is on the phone.
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We have numerous patients calling into our office at a time and set up queue to manage this; However the ability to put line 1 on hold and answer line 2 to then be put on hold and go back to line 1 would be more efficient use of the staff and my own time.

I have noticed many patients hang up due to the long wait times.
We need this toggling between both lines available asap!!
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Ring groups will not allow a call to be forwarded to an external number after a period of rings.  That is why I had to go with call queues.  I have 4 people in different locations that are each on shift only one at a time and if they are unable to get a call it needs to roll over to an external call center.  I'd prefer my guys to have a chance to grab the call before it rolls over if they are on another call though.
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Right, we were trying with call queues but didn't work to attend more of one call at the time.  Ring Groups is the easy solution.  It should work with an external phone number... sometimes we use cell phone numbers to add to the group...
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Pete Starnes

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Oh sorry..Ring groups will roll over to an external number but requires someone on the other end to press 1 to accept the call.  Since our calls are rolling to another automated attendant there isn't someone there to press 1 to take the call.  We needed the ability to disable the press 1 prompt.
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In the Call Queue the user has to press 1 to connect if forwarded externally. However, this option can be disabled on a RingGroup that is built inside a virtual extension.  

Under Users > Call Handling & Forwarding > Incoming Call Information > 3rd option "Play announcement" set to Never. 
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I agree that call queues are not the right way to handle this.  What RC calls "Ring Groups" has issues because they are really just users with call forwarding.  What is truly needed is a separate ring group object that is purpose built.  

For us there are two major drawbacks "ring groups".
1. Calls can only be forwarded to physical phones or the Ring Central desktop phone app.  No mobile apps will work and neither will the desktop version of Glip.
2. People receiving the call do not know the call came from the "ring group". 

While not a traditional feature of call queues optionally allowing a call to go to agents already on a call would be a very welcome addition.
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I have only been with RingCentral for about three weeks.  I, too, need the capability to put a caller on hold and take another call.  I am quite frustrated this basic feature is not available with RingCentral.  I also don't understand why RingCentral is unresponsive to the many requests for a feature that almost all analog business phones were capable of and people have come to expect.

I also foolishly assumed that one could enter contacts in the RingCentral desktop app and they would sync to the desk phone.  I am still incredulous that such an obvious feature does not exist.
The lack of these two features has really soured my usage of RingCentral, and after only three weeks, I am exploring other options.  Using RingCentral should be intuitive.  Any time it is not, it is a failure on RingCentral's part.  Your customers all have businesses to run.  We can ill afford wasting time trying to develop work arounds for phone system features that should be baked into the product.  Please address these deficiencies immediately!
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Hello Everyone,

I followed up with the Product Team on this request. It is currently on the roadmap for our 20.1 release, barring any unforeseen issues of course. I'll keep you posted if the release date changes :)
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Thank you all that are involved. 
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Is there an expected release date for 20.1?
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Hey 68 Evan - IT,

20.1 will occur in Q1 of next year. Each account is scheduled separately for the update so when we get closer to Q1, you can ask your Account Manager when yours is scheduled to receive the update :)
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Saadet please give us an update on this. its still scheduled for next year or could it be done this year?
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Hey Mark, currently it is still scheduled for next year