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I need to ability to receive calls from other extensions from my mobile app; I understand that the mobile app does not have a direct number but I want the ability to receive calls from other extensions on my mobile app
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Posted 2 years ago

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Can you provide more details?  i.e., do you not want it to ring your desktop phone or do you even have desktop phones??
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I would love this feature as well. I answer the main phone number but I also have an extension but the RC app only rings when someone dials the main number and not my extension.
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Hello Thomas,

In order to have this capability you would want to have the phone number people are going to dial listed as a direct number for a call queue and make yourself, and any other user, members of that call queue. When a call comes into the queue, it will ring your extension which includes the physical device(s) and the mobile app or softphone on your extension.
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Our small business needs the capability of having mobile app users to be able to receive calls for more than one extension. Example: we have one person who handles HR, Accounting, and Receptionist calls. But they are listed as different menu options on our caller menu. As well she has her own extension for dial by name. But she can only log in on the mobile app as her personal extension. would be nice to allow her to get those calls via the app WITHOUT having to log in & out as each individual extension. I know your competitor, Grasshopper, allows that feature. We do not have desk phones, only mobile.
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I am currently manage 2 branches of a business. Each branch has its own extension and all calls are forwarded to my cell phone. The issue im having is that when i miss a call or receive a text message on one extension, i have to log out of ext.1, log into ext.2, and then return call/text so that the correct caller ID shows up for that branch.
        It would be great if i could have one log in where i can receive calls, voicemails, and texts that show which extension they came into and then when returning those calls, voicemails, and texts, have the ability to select what caller ID i want to show up.
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  1. Account type : Office Premium 2-19
  2. A brief description of the business :
  3. A high level description of the product or feature being requested: Customer wants his agents to be able to answer both her calls and calls to a different extension using the mobile app.
  4. A typical use case scenario explaining how your business would use the feature: customer could receive a call and ring selected mobile app, even if it's on a different extension.
  5. Benefit of such feature: it would be easier and cost effective for the customer as the calls will be connecting to the app and not using up their mobile number minutes. It will also increase flexibility/ease of use as customer will only need one login.
  6. Include any related case number if applicable:05701025 
  7. Number of Users and/or Digital Lines: 12 users / 3 digital lines
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This topic devolved into having one login for multiple extensions and it wasn't very clear from the beginning why getting calls in mobile app from other extensions was even needed.

I created a new topic that some of you may find helpful/interesting: https://community.ringcentral.com/ringcentral/topics/forward-calls-to-others-chrome-extension-and-mo...

This explains how it's near impossible to use just mobile phone and/or chrome extension with RC due to failure of call handling and why group queue is NOT a solution as it forces you to leave a message vs forward on to another extension or IVR.