Billing: send billing statements to someone other than Super Admin

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1. Account Type: US
2. Brief Description of the business:  install state-of-the-art home theater systems as well as audio and video systems for Corporate, Government, Military, Education, Hospitality, Health & Fitness, Retail, Worship and Residential (Home Theater, Whole House Audio, Home Control) applications throughout the state of Colorado, the Rocky Mountain West and the continental United States.
3. High Level Description: We want to be able to send the billing statements to someone other than our Super Admin on our account but right now we are unable to.
4. Typical Use Scenario - n/a
5. Benefit - Able to route billing statements to the appropriate people within our company
6. Related Case - 04620129
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Jason Bye

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Posted 4 years ago

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I also would like to see this. I administrate a number of Office Standard Edition accounts. I figured out how to change the billing contact email (and phone #) by updating the payment method, but I discovered this also changes the contact email (and phone #) for the super admin. I called support but was told I must put in a features request at community. Seems like it should be just a matter of a little web/db programming.
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Greg Shaw

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Will, thanks for the warning. That is what I was afraid would happen if I changed the contact email for billing. These need to be independent.
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Tim Edlund

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I would also like to see this feature.  Our only choice currently is to change the Super Admin email address to the address used by our accounting department.  Now anyone in accounting can change the super admin password making the RC solution very insecure.  If we change the Super Admin email back to an appropriate account, then we end up with IT responsible for distributing billing statements back to accounting.  That has resulted in significant delays and confusion previously. Every other cloud system we uses allows a separate email address for billing.  RC needs to modernize in this regard. 
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Good point Tim. And if they are super Admin, I can see where this could be a compliance problem. Accounting clerk has access to keys to a bunch of information. 
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Warren Gamley

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Definitely something that was overlooked in the design stage of the RC system. Would really like to see this issue resolved!
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This is really critical for our operations as I administrate *many* accounts, but in almost all of them the accounting person works for a different company and is not supposed to have administrative privileges other than getting a copy of the service statement.
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Steve West

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Yes, this seems like a simple change to make but it is very irritating, our Accounts people are NOT RC users.
This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Account info verses Billing info.

We need account information and billing information to be different

If I update billing information with my contact information,
it is the same for Account Info

If I change Account Info it changes Billing info?

And my contact info is on the cover sheet

We need the users contact info on the cover sheet, so they
can resolve Fax issues

I am in the IT department of our company

I have 25 fax accounts and the fax accounts are for different
departments and locations

We need to have the Account Info for the department using
the fax account

And I need the billing info to be my info so if there is a
problem with the bill I can take care of it
users have no way to resolve billing problems
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I think it's pretty bad that this basic functionality hasn't been added in years! On the billing tab, there should be a field added that simply allows the Super Admin to add any contact info and email address needed. 
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Erin Rigby

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Is there any resolution to this?  Seems like something that RC should be able to resolve fairly quickly.  When you change the billing e-mail to the billing clerk, not only does it change the SuperAdmin's e-mail it screws with Glip & RC Meetings as well.
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Sorry, Erin. I haven't heard of an ETA on this :( I agree that it should be implemented and would be very useful!
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Erin Rigby

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Is there any update to this?  

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Saadet, Employee

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No ETA yet, Erin :(
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There should be a separate feature option on RC account where there is only one separate/dedicated email used for receiving Billing Statements alone.
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I get calls for this all the time

people are calling me all the time asking about the fax I have no idea what the users are sending I don't know who sent the fax and have no way of telling from what location sorry we sent you a fax it seems I need to find a different fax provider 

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Saadet, Employee

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Hi Linas, I moved this over to a new conversation since it seems to pertain to something different than the original conversation

Please reference the new conversation here: Fax Issues
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Jason Walker

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What is the status on this?? This needs to be fixed. As it stands now, I have to have our SuperAdmin forward the billing e-mails to me. ALL of the billing info should be completely separate from any individual user. The fact that the software is devoid of such basic functionality is very worrisome.
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Saadet, Employee

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Sorry, Jason. I have not been given an ETA on this from our Product Team :(
I just had a few more calls people asking about orders sorry I have no idea what location what department I don't know how to direct the calls?
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Christopher Howard

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Hi, I am very sad this small but critical improvement didn't make it into the last release of feature improvements. I got an email a while ago indicating that a batch of great new features were being added to the interface, but as usual nothing I actually needed.
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Erin Rigby

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I agree.  Still waiting for this to be fixed. :(
just got another call today from a customer somebody sent a fax they call me and I cannot help them 
very frustrating for me and our customers 
one of many calls someone sent a fax and they only got one page they call me the fax is unreadable and they don't know who sent so they call be because I am on the billing contact info I don't know who sent the fax no way to track down how sent 
I get calls all the time for Lunch orders I don't know who ordered lunch so I guess they are not getting there lunch order! 
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Saadet, Employee

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Hey Atlas Toyota Material Handling,

It sounds like there may be some setting issues going on. I would suggest opening up a case so we can take a closer look at what's going on.
open a case with who?
I need billing and Account owner to de different 
what's the problem?
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Saadet, Employee

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With our Support Team. Based on the limited information that you've provided, it sounds like there's a possible issue with fax notification/recipient settings. 
ok will open a case with support 
I already know the answer you cannot have different account owner and billing admin
support just confirmed this feature and is working correctly 
sorry but its not I have 25 accounts with about 200 users I guess ill take my business elseware
I just would like to make a follow up about your concern on updating the phone number and the email address, We identify that this is a normal behavior of the system.Is there anything else I can assist you with?
Giro Bautista
Special Application Team
RingCentral, Inc.

Please change this option
Still no update RingCentral will not change this feature
These two fields are linked whey have them on the site users think they are changing the field in two locations and it just overwrites it information it causes confusion for users and it seems Ring Central support them are not aware of this feature 
I am sure many tech support cases are opened for this feature 
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Angel Anderson

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Our agency's Accountant needs to receive the billing statement, our Board Clerk's credit card auto-pays the bill each month, and our IT department is the Super Admin.  We need to be able to separate the Super Admin's contact info from the Accountant and Board Clerk but Ringcentral doesn't have a way to have these separate.  Please change this feature.
We have the same issue

I just got a call from Nino Cezar Carlos

And he seemed very concerned about with feature and wanted me to speak with support

I tried to tell him this is a feature of the product and I had a case open with support for over 3 years

He wanted a referral but I told him not until this was changed

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Topher Taylor

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How is this still not accomplished after 3 years??? We use an automated invoice system and it is a major pain point for the super admin to have to send all account related correspondence to this address as opposed to their personal work email. BIFURCATE BILLING FROM SUPER ADMIN PLEASE! This should be a trivial update.
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Super annoying!!! Billing contact should be separate from the "admins"!!
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Brian Vogelsmeier

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We are needing these separated also.
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Stephenie Wilson

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What is the point of a Billing Admin Role if they are not receiving the billing invoice each month? As the Super Admin, I manage users and their access NOT the finances! This is a simple fix, a few lines of code to change the invoice sent to the Billing Admin user instead of the Super Admin user! This is ridiculous!  
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Jason Walker

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It really is ridiculous that this is still an issue. I replied to this 2 years ago, and here we are. We still have to forward the billing invoices to our finance office every month. 
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Ryan Mariotti

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Please simply allow any text entry for the email on the Billing -> Payment Method -> Contact Email.  It is unneeded to have this billing email linked to the actual account Super Admin. Many use cases for companies require the bill/invoice goes to a DIFFERENT person than the Super Admin.  In our case, we use and would like all invoices sent to a specific email address for processing/approvals.    Instead, I have to set up Outlook forwarding on my Inbox to forward this to my billing company rather than SIMPLY editing this email in the Payment Method form.  

C'mon guys; this is not a hard change...
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Mayne Coatings

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Business service and this issue sits for 4 years. Disappointing.