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The amount of spam calls / robo-sales calls has been steadily increasing with my RingCentral account. I would like RingCentral to consider adding some new technology to stop these calls from happening.

It would be very useful if the RingCentral service could do the following:

1. Block any calls from anyone who is using a "spoofing" technique to make it look like they are calling from a different number. If they don't want to show their real number, then i don't want to take their calls.

2. Not allow calls through to my numbers from certain telephone companies/services. For instance, I would like to block every call from the Telnyx network, Twilio network, Bandwidth.com network, and a bunch of other networks who I receive large amounts of robo-sales calls through. I would like to be able to stop calls from companies like these from being able to get through to my numbers completely. I have never received one legitimate phone call from bandwidth.com. Every single call from that network is a spam call. Every single one of them

3. Create a known spam list that would automatically filter out calls from known spam callers so they do not get through to my numbers

These 3 things would greatly improve the RingCentral service. Because as it stands right now, these spam-robo-sales calls are coming through your service more and more often. 
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Posted 10 months ago

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J.B. Ferguson, Champion

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While I agree that having your bullets #2 and #3 would be extremely helpful I disagree with your bullet #1 for a variety of reasons.

First, legitimate spoofing is used by MANY providers while a number is being ported over to their service so that the transition is seamless with no missed calls.

Second, with one demo account I have with another provider (not RingCentral - I am a certified partner with several providers under a Master Agent), I have a "company" number as well as several numbers assigned to extensions and persons. I legitimately spoof the outbound calls from the extensions/users to show the "company" number so that people don't bypass the auto-attendant or a live receptionist and dial straight through to the person's extension. Many businesses want to have this type of setup, and in fact, I just set up a doctor's office (with a live receptionist) exactly as I described. If that company number was xxx-xxx-0000, all the Caller ID's from ALL the extensions/persons will show as xxx-xxx-0000 even though they might be xxx-xxx-1234, xxx-xxx-1235, etc.

This is a legitimate use for spoofing, yet in your scenario you would never get those calls even though they are a legitimate business with a legitimate phone system setup. They have a real reason not to show you their "real" number yet they are indeed showing you a "real" number to their business that will be forwarded to the person you want to speak to. Technology that you are requesting would not know the difference.

Just some thoughts regarding "spoofing techniques".
I only use Ringcentral for inbound phone calls and in my 7 years of doing this, I have only received sales calls from people who spoof their numbers. Every single spoofed number is a sales call. Every single one of them.
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J.B. Ferguson, Champion

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Possibly in your experience but not universally. I know of MANY legitimate businesses who do as I explained above who do not make sales calls.
For those rare occasions when someone in a Doctors office who is spoofing their numbers is trying to call my phone numbers, I would be happy NOT to get their calls if blocking all the spoofed calls from the other hundreds of robo-sales companies would also be blocked. I'd take that any day. I don't want any spoofed numbers to call my numbers. Good or bad.
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J.B. Ferguson, Champion

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"I don't want any spoofed numbers to call my numbers. Good or bad."

Obviously, your choice but...you are requesting it to be a feature of the RIngCentral service. I don't see that happening for MANY reasons, including the legitimate reasons I stated above. This is compounded by the fact that there is an equally large number of feature requests here in these RingCentral Community Forums for RIngCentral to allow the spoofing of numbers.
I only receive phone calls with RingCentral, I don't make any outbound calls at all. It sounds like you make a lot of outbound calls. Feel free to spoof all the numbers you want. But if you want to call any of MY RingCentral phone numbers, I want the control over what types of calls I receive. The same way I block all calls where they don't show their number at all. If you're not going to show your number I don't want your calls. Period. If you're going to spoof your number, I don't want your calls either. The few legitimate companies spoofing their numbers are dwarfed by the hundreds of other robo-sales companies who spoof their numbers. At the end of the day, there is no way for me to block them from continuously calling my RingCentral numbers because I block the spoofed number they called me with today and tomorrow they change the spoofed number to something else. This is why RingCentral should have a feature that allows me to stop these spoofed numbers from getting through to my RingCentral numbers at all.
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For anyone interested, read up about the STIR/SHAKEN protocol and current/recent U.S. legislation around this.  Robo-Calling has become a HUGE problem, world wide and there is nothing in particular you or RingCentral can do about it.  Some products line nomorobo, HiYa, Youmail, etc. take a "whack-a-mole" approach to the problem, but it can only be minimally effective against the most primitive scammers.  

The reality is that while it is technically illegal (in the U.S., at least) for an individual to spoof caller ID for fraudulent purposes, it very difficult to enforce.  On top of that, telcos are legally required to allow caller ID spoofing for legitimate purposes (there are many) and they have no incentive and little technology to tell who is legit and whois not.

Best ;)

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Deborah Watkins

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I am very frustrated with the high volume of spam calls that we receive on RingCentral. The calls are international, received from all over the world and the impact is negative on the call metrics as false non-answered and hang ups are measured.  What is being done to address this issue for businesses?  Thank you.