Desktop App: Fewer clicks for a faster Ring-Out

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With the new RingCentral for Windows (confirmed as of, the fastest way to do a RingOut requires:

  1. Select the number with the mouse or keyboard
  2. Press the hotkey button
  3. Hit Enter (can also click on the green button with the phone icon button in RingCentral for Windows, but hitting Enter is usually faster)
  4. Click the green "Call" button (there is no keyboard equivalent as far as I can tell, neither Enter nor Space will actually initiate the call)

Even if using the Outlook Add-in, that just replaces steps 1 & 2. Steps 3 & 4 are still needed.

Since half the point of RingOut is rapid connection for the call (the other simply being the ability to call from any number seen on the computer) to avoid the comparatively slow process of dialing the number on the phone, there should at least be an option to skip steps 3 & 4 and just initiate the RingOut, or at most to do it with a single keypress.

The worst part is that in Step 4 above, you have to click a button with a mouse. Minimally, please at least allow the user to hit Enter to select the green "Call" button instead of forcing the user to reach for the mouse and click on the button.

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Posted 6 years ago

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gordon phantom

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Many of us have been begging and pleading for hotkeys and fast workflows.
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Shawn Salamipour

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I agree, I just realized this has feature has been removed
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Vi Chau, Alum

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Hi All, 

We hear your feedback. 

We're going to be adding a preference setting in our next update that will allow you to choose whether to place the call immediately (after the hotkey is selected) or after an explicit confirmation. 

For the time being, you should be able to the keyboard shortcut, "CTRL/CMD D" from the dial pad screen to initiate the call.


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How is the update coming along.. it's been a year
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gordon phantom

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Vi, will you also be fixing (1) inability of softphone client to read OSX contact database and (ii) missing hot key to launch softphone contact directory? This would allow the user to make calls on OSX without resorting to mouse. A BIG win!!
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Drew Orgel

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Until RC adds hot keys to the SoftPhone for Mac, I am using Dialectic.  There are two methods for generating calls: URL to create a click to call and the other is to use the AppleScript to cause RC to generate the call.  There is a separate AppleScript for the SoftPhone which works well, but the other script causes RC to generate the call faster to the person you are calling than to your own phone, so you need to pick up fast.

So now I highlight a phone number on a web page such as my CRM, then Cmd+C to copy to the clipboard, then Cmd+Shift+\ and the call happens. No mousing once I have the number highlighted.
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Would love to see it added to choose a default for the ringout device. The old v5 softphone had this option and worked well. Only required pressing the hotkey to prefill the phone number, no extra steps required.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled RingOut - Reduce Steps.

After updating our softphone, I noticed it takes 4 steps  when using the "Ringout"  feature, whereas before while using the older version of the Softphone, all I had to do is select the phone number, press F6, then the phone call will Ring Out Automatically. 

Now I must select phone number, press F6, select the green call button, then select the green call button in the next hub. This is a very time consuming task. 

Be advised we are using our Ringcentral phones to call out, we are not using a headsets.

Below are images of the current Ring Out steps 1. Select number

2. Press F6 keyboard key

3. Select the green call button

4. Select another green call button

Can Ringcentral update this feature so that a user can only select the number, press F6, then the phone call will Ring out automatically?

This will be very resourceful update because it will save our users a lot of time when placing phone calls. 

I appreciate your time.

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