Filter Out "Call Connected" Voicemails, Call Backs, and Wrong Numbers

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1. U.S. Account

2. We engage in real estate acquisition for cellular sites, so our company does a lot of outbound cold calling seeking out sellers who want to sell their cell site. 

3. We currently use The Ringcentral API to streamline our reporting and create more realtime reporting than what is provided on the analytics portal. Now that we've streamlined the reporting we want to perform more advanced analytics on our call center data. Currently, when a call is logged as "Call Connected" it can include recordings of voicemails, a secretary asking for a call back number, or contacting a wrong number. In reality, talking to a machine or the wrong person should not constitute as a connect. We want to filter those kinds of call connects, so we are only analyzing calls that are veritable: calls where our agents are actually engaging with the appropriate prospect. As a data analyst, I have found analyzing "Call Connected" results to be completely useless as our data is saturated with false connects. I am requesting Ringcentral develop a way to filter out or categorize the "Call Connected" results. One way to do this is to utilize machine learning or AI to listen in on calls and denote what kind of a connect resulted from that session. As a leader in the telecommunications industry, it is a surprise Ringcentral has not focused their efforts on granulating their call data. Another way they could achieve this level of filtration is by transcribing all recordings and matching up the calls to key words that are used often by call receivers. For instance, filter out any transcription that contains "Not available", "Call later", "Away from the office", "Call Back", "Please leave your message for", etc. Or at least, give us the option to transcribe all of our calls, so that we can perform the filtration on the back end. 

4. This would primarily be used for reporting and performance improvement. We would use a feature like this to improve our KPIs and metrics, run analyzes on our data sources, further develop our analytics platform, and begin to understand the relationship between our call data and our sales data.   

5. We all make more money. 

6. Every agent in our 3 call centers. 
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