Add ability to Forward Voicemail from Desktop App and Plugins.

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Forwarding voicemails from the desktop app and various pluggins would be very helpful. Right now, if an admin gets a voicemail and needs to forward it, they have to log into the website to do it. The apps are great and really leave no reason to ever visit the website so it creates workflow friction when you have to go there for one offs like this. The other option would be to download the file and then forward it. Not ideal as it is several extra steps and switching between at least three apps to do so. 

For Product team:
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5. Save time and make using system much less complicated
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Posted 3 years ago

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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Desktop App: Forward voicemails.

On the old softphone there was a functionality to forward a voicemail via email from the softphone. With the new desktop app it does not have that option at least i dont see an option for that?
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This would make my assistant's life a lot easier! The iOS app has this feature. It seems like a big miss that its not on the Mac app. Any updates on if this will be a go?
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Please put this feature back. I don't know why it was deleted.
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Agreed, many of our users are asking for this feature. Please bring it back for the softphone and mobile app.
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This is hard to believe that this function does not already exist.  We are a new to RingCentral and we assumed this functionality was built into the desktop app.  The app should be able to forward any message (voice, text or fax) to any internal company phone number / extension.  It would be an added bonus if you could forward it to an external phone number.
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Agreed.  This would be very helpful! Plus logging into the website does not show the contact names (only number), like the RingCentral for Windows app does that is connected via Outlook.
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This is pretty typical of RC. Being the industry "fat cat" doesn't exactly encourage innovation. Or as it seems in this case, even meeting industry par.

You can, of course, use the share button and share a widely-unsupported file version of the voicemail through other Android apps. It seems quite silly to have to email a voicemail to another user with an active line though.
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"It would be great if Ringcentral had this basic feature, I'll submit a feature request."

**Does some searching**

"Oh look it has already been requested years ago... what a surprise, it hasn't been implemented."

This seems to be the norm unfortunately.
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Would also chime in from a new customer standpoint, we just migrated our corporate office and one of our manufacturing plants to ring central , utilizing the Soft Phone app as the primary means of endpoint. First day question I got was , how do I forward a voicemail when nicely hovering over the voice tab and seeing the quick options for play, call back, text etc... with no forward option. Trying to tell them to go to a web page only adds unneeded steps and overall brings user satisfaction with the product down.

I would highly up vote this to be a nice enhancement to the soft phone app and hope the product development team takes this into account with 70+ votes.

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STILL has not been implemented.  I would think this is a basic business phone feature to be able to forward messages to a colleague.  
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I agree with Paul Romo-- the ability to forward voicemails interoffice via the app has to be a feature.  In our case (and I'm sure we are not alone), we deal with Courts on legal and time-sensitive issues.  Some messages even contain detailed instructions.   Unfortunately messages are sometimes left in the wrong voicemail box, so it's extremely important that the person for whom the message was left be able to hear the voicemail. The ease of just being able to forward instead of multiple steps just makes it easier for everyone.  Our receptionist had 30 voice mails -- at least 9 were not for the receptionist- for the receptionist to try to listen, then DL, then email 9 VM's while trying to answer phones is a bit overwhelming.  Please implement soon. Thank you.