Game Changer for RingCentral Meeting Hosts!

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Hey friends!

Do you struggle with your folks coming to training?  Do you struggle with folks paying attention to training?  Well, hot dog, I’ve got a trick for you! 

There is a HUGE game-changer in RingCentral Meetings that you can enable to help those of you who host a lot of meetings or training and it’s called “Attention Tracking!”

Essentially, what Attention Tracking does is it informs the Host that their participants do not have the RingCentral Meeting “in focus,” meaning the Participant is likely working on other things when they should paying attention to their training/meeting.  If the RingCentral Meeting is out of focus for the Participant, the Host can then see a small clock icon next to their name in the Participant Panel. 

My team and I host a lot of end-user training and this feature inside of RingCentral Meetings has been a HUGE game changer for us.  When we train, we often like to poll the audience for questions or feedback on what we just went over.  Those folks who have the Attention Tracking icon are usually the folks we call on first!

How to Enable Attention Tracking:

  • Log into Web Portal
  • Go to the user you want to be able to see the Attention Tracking Feature when Hosting a RingCentral Meeting
  • Go to Meetings Settings > Click Edit on My Meetings Settings
  • Scroll down to In-Meeting (Advanced)
  • Click button to enable (grey is off, blue is on)

How to See Attention Tracking as a RingCentral Meeting Host:

  • When you host a meeting, open the Participants Panel.  Anyone who has a clock icon next to their name currently does not have the RingCentral Meeting in focus.

For shareable instructions, check out this RingCentral-provided knowledgebase article.

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Emily Gore

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Posted 8 months ago

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Photo of Becky - Community Support

Becky - Community Support, Official Rep

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We're stoked too, Emily! Thanks for this fun and helpful post! YAY!
Photo of Dennis Kyle

Dennis Kyle

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We love this feature. The only issue we have found with it are people who have dual monitors. They can sometimes show up as not paying attention but might have accidentally clicked on their second monitor. It is still relevant to use your strategy but we are mindful to not use it as the law but the spirit of engagement.
Photo of Becky - Community Support

Becky - Community Support, Official Rep

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I like the sentiment behind the "spirit of engagement".
Glad you're using the feature too, Dennis!
Photo of Irene Yam

Irene Yam

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Emily, great post, thanks for being our guest panelist and for making time to share your tips!