Glip Contact Synchronization with Outlook

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The RingCentral Phone Desktop app synchronizes with Outlook Contacts allowing you to dial by name and to identify incoming calls and text messages.

Unfortunately, the new RingCentral app for Desktop (GLIP) does not and that makes dialing difficult if not impossible because I have 350+ contacts and I don't know their numbers by memory.  It also makes identifying the sender of a text message a challenge as you only see the phone number and not the contact's name.

I assume that RingCentral will become the "one" app in the future as it handles the phone as well as old GLIP features.  That being the case, it should be able to synchronize with the Outlook Contacts. 
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Ed Stevens

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Posted 2 years ago

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Gérard Darmon

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I have the same problem and it's a shame. Is there a solution to sync the outlook contacts in GLIP, like in the RingCentral Phone app? Thanks
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Saadet, Employee

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Sorry guys, I simply misread Gerard's question. I thought he asked if the RC Phone app had the ability to sync with Outlook.
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Ed Stevens

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I believe you are correct that he was also asking for an existing solution but he was commenting on my original post which was as a product enhancement request because I have already been told by RingCentral staff via phone that this feature doesn't currently exist.  "No kidding.  That's why we are asking for it.  :)"

The Glip app manages tasks, calendars, and the kitchen sink, but in as much as it has call logs and text messages, the logs are almost meaningless as is the texts because without the contact synchronization, the texts and call logs do not indicate the person you are communicating with.  That seems like a feature that should have never been left out in the first place.

Additionally, since the app does have call logs and a dialer for making calls, it seems (again only obvious) that the app have dial by contact and allow for Ring Out since those are natural features found in the RingCentral Phone app.  What is the point of the Glip app being able to dial if not by contact and not by Ring Out?  That's like a car with no tires.  :(
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Robert Short

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This HAS TO HAPPEN or the app is worthless.  Should NOT have to have 3 apps for this.
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Jeff Lorenzen

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FTLOG, RC.  Nearly a year later and still no fix for having Outlook Contact Sync on Desktop.  This is a basic feature that should have been there in beta.  Please get on it.  Not everyone uses Google or O365.  Some of us have private corporate Exchange Servers.
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Robert Short

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Office 365 with single sign-on still not working correctly.
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Dean Moberg

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New to this but I can't even find the Outlook add On in the Ring Central App.  I don't have a Personal drop down folder to find these contacts in, enable a plug in, etc.  My Outlook has the Ring Central Contacts (3) and functionality but the several thousand that are in Outlook don't go into Ring Central.  It would be great to have two way synchronization but it seems some are able to get their Outlook Contacts in.  I'm using Outlook 2013.  Can't even find Ring Central App version because help doesn't have it and about brings me to the ring central ad splash page.  Help.
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Dean Moberg

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This does nothing to add my Contacts into the RIngCentral App.  Possibly it allows me to "spam" my Contacts with an invitation.  Not going to happen.  Nowhere do I see my Outlook Contacts listed in the Ring Central App.  As I have a small company, we still see each other for meetings but I installed this anyway to see if that would somehow allow my Contacts to populate in the Ring Central App.  I have seen posts that this is with product development and in progress.  Please guide me in another direction if I'm missing something?
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Hi Dean, 

You're correct, contact synchronization between Outlook and the RingCentral app is still in progress. 
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Rivera Carbone PC

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Any update on the synch between RingCentralApp and Outlook?
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Update?  I have and continue to have issues updating the desktop RC with outlook contacts.  It makes the app useless.  We are reverting to cell phones to call clients - at least our contacts list remains updated.  RC used to be a reliable companion that waited in the background to serve me.  Now the level of care and feeding is ridiculous.  
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Arun Baheti

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Kind of crazy to not have this (even when using the Outlook plug in). It means I just end up using my cell phone to dial people as I can't pick contacts and called ID for inbound isn't helpful either.   At least the cell phone app integrates with contacts.

If they want me to use the new Ring app, I need contacts to work otherwise I will keep using Ring Phone, I guess. Seems silly and obviously they know how to make it work since it works in the Phone app for Windows.