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It would be nice if the Glip notifications did not only notify you when the application is offline/not in focus. Notifications should be sent to you anytime you have a direct conversation, missed phone call or voicemail even if the application is opened. 
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Posted 2 years ago

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Ted Jaffe, Official Rep

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Hi all,

Lots of enhancements coming soon on this topic.  Probably too many to summarize all here - DM/email me for more info:

1. In Q3 we are planning to introduce a new mobile setting that will allow the app to always receive app push notifications for messages regardless of your desktop online status.   This means you should not miss any messages on mobile - ever.  

2. Also in Q3/early Q4 we will be introducing an enhanced DnD (Do not disturb) mode that will become unified with the Glip presence states and additionally will not only block all incoming phone calls but also app notifications on desktop and mobile while in DnD.  When DnD is turned off app notifications would resume as normally configured.

3. We will be introducing an improved experience for badge counts, so that only direct messages, or team messages that include a mention of you (or @team notification coming later) will generate a badge count on your desktop app or mobile app.

As stated above, lots of other details to share here (DM/email if interested) but the Product team knows this is a very important area for our users and customers, so we're working hard on this right now for you all.  And we're also very excited for the enhancements as well!

Take care,
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Just an FYI, This is still Q2. When speaking of releases and quarters, a company normally means a calendar year, unless they specify otherwise. So, Q1 is Jan-Mar, Q2 is Apr-Jun, Q3 is Jul-Sep, Q4 is Oct-Dec.

For the record, I am NOT a RIngCentral employee but I am a developer. Please don't expect that just because Ted said Q3 for the notifications, that you will necessarily see it on July 1st or 2nd.

If something is to be released in Q3 it could be released anytime between July 1st and September 30th assuming there are no glitches or development issues along the way.
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Hey guys - Ted here on a mobile device so excuse any typos.This feature launched as originally planned last year, you can find it in the mobile notifications settings section. I'll try to attach a screenshot.
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Shafa Aijaz

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Thank your, Mr. Ferguson for all the knowledge and information. Really appreciate it! 

Mr. Ted - I have enabled this to "Always", yet when the app is not in focus/use, it still doesn't send push notifications. We are facing this issue with all our employees' devices and I have also sent a debug report already. Is there anything else that you'd require to get a more clear vision of the issue? Thanks! 
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Hey Shafa! Thanks for submitting a debug log. If you haven't already, you should hear from someone about it. Let me know if that hasn't happened