Glip Question: Add/Save Contact within Glip?

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When receiving a SMS text in Glip from an external contact, is there then a way to then create or name a contact in Glip so it shows the person's name instead of the full phone number?  I tried creating a contact in RingCentral, which made it correctly show the name of the contact in my softphone/RingCentral for desktop; however, in Glip it continued to show as the phone number.   In the screen shot attached you can see how it's correctly showing the contact name on my softphone but the 10 digit number in Glip.
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Natasha Parker

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Posted 10 months ago

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James A, US Enterprise Engineer

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Hi Natasha, we've flipped this to a feature request for others to vote on since this cannot be done yet
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Jonathan Goldszmidt

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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled When using Glip to send and receive text messages there should be away to assign ....

There should be a way to assign a name or alias to phone numbers that you send or receive text messages to/from through Glip.
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Jason Spindler

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How do I vote on it.  I want this too.  Seems like it should be an easy feature to implement; just allow sync with Google Contacts would work for me and a lot of others.  

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Hey Jason,

Simply click the Vote button :)

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David Bidwell

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I Have seen some of my text messages in Glip show a name. I don't know what the difference is why some will she a name and some do not. I think the ones I start in the Phone App will some reason show a name if they called me and left me a voice mail.  
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Jeremy Lindquist

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How is this not a feature? Seems like an obvious need. Judging by the fact there are only 12 votes to date. Either most people are not using the SMS feature through GLIP or there is a way around this that I don't know about. 

If this is truly still not a feature I am inclined to believe that this is a very infrequently used feature for most of the community. 
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Natasha Parker

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I just tested this again last week and it's still not a feature.  It seems if someone texts me from their RC number, it shows a name but otherwise it just shows their phone number still.  I think the low number of votes have more to due with a combination of how many RC customers strictly use Glip and regularly review posts in Community.  Most of our organization still uses their softphone/desktop app in combination with Glip and this isn't an issue on the desktop app.  Also, I know other companys who use RingCentral but do not use Glip at all because they continue to use Slack or Skype so they too only use the desktop app or turn off SMS.  
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Being able to manage phone contacts is THE most basic feature of any phone system. No one is using Glip right now because of a complete lack of contact management.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Assign name instead of phone number for SMS in RIngcentral App.

When I send an SMS in the ringcentral app on my Mac it shows up in my conversation list as the phone number. 

Is there a way to add this to contacts, or just change the display name in the conversation list?