Glip Question: Add/Save Contact within Glip?

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When receiving a SMS text in Glip from an external contact, is there then a way to then create or name a contact in Glip so it shows the person's name instead of the full phone number?  I tried creating a contact in RingCentral, which made it correctly show the name of the contact in my softphone/RingCentral for desktop; however, in Glip it continued to show as the phone number.   In the screen shot attached you can see how it's correctly showing the contact name on my softphone but the 10 digit number in Glip.
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Natasha Parker

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Posted 2 years ago

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Arthur Ng, Product Manager

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Hello Everyone,

Arthur from the product team here - There have been multiple related threads related to Contacts feature in general - As mentioned we are working on it and this will be ready in Q3 2020.

If you guys are interested, we can sign you up for beta testing before releasing the feature - that way you'll be able to provide meaningful feedback to help our teams as we build this feature. 
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Jason Veirs

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Interested in beta - post the link. Thanks.
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Brian Erle

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I'd be interested in beta testing as well.  
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Megan C.

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My team would like to beta test! Automationtechies - there are 8 of us. 
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I for one am not waiting.  Good luck.
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Becky - Community Support, Official Rep

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Account, if you don't have any interest in participating, that's fine. 
But antagonizing employees and interested customers will not be tolerated. 
Again, I ask that you come to this space to contribute constructive input and not perpetuate negativity. 
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Becky - Community Support, Official Rep

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I care. And I run this Community. 
Keep it civil or don't post. 
Simple as that. 
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Jason Veirs

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@Becky - I totally understand where Account and everyone is coming from... This has been SUPER frustrating and it's a CORE element that should be added to the desktop app... It's been pushed and pushed back for quite some time, and you guys are now losing customers and market share because of your inability to provide this very basic solution... In fact, I'm now looking at other providers as well, despite being a raving fan for quite some time.
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Becky - Community Support, Official Rep

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Jason, I understand your and Account's frustrations. 
I acknowledge that this understanding means little when you are doing the work you do to support your teams. 
Still, respect and professional behavior are essential in this Community. 
I will not tolerate anything less. 

Arthur is offering a way for customers to have input on this long-needed functionality. 
If you don't want to participate, I understand. 
But don't be dismissive of those that do want to get involved or those trying to open dialogue between customers and RingCentral Product representatives. 
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CJ Williams

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I agree with Jason and ACCOUNT. This feature is so basic we didn't even request to see it in the demo. It's has also been delayed by over a year past the initial q3 release timeline, which itself was years after this feature was initially requested. If RingCentral is not listening to civil feedback from paying customers, customers will have no recourse but to escalate their tone, or use another product. That being said it seems like Arthur is doing a better job listening to feedback  and prioritizing features than whoever was previously in charge, and I'm glad to see this feature is coming soon.
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Hi Arthur, we can beta if you need more testers :) I'm eagerly awaiting parity on the desktop app. 

Hi Becky, I appreciate you! This thread has been a magnet for abusive comments and I hate to add to the ruckus by saying anything at all to it but.. wondering why some folks are not banned from these boards yet :\ I get updates of new comments by email which are rendered useless and frustrating by the constant abuse.
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Becky - Community Support, Official Rep

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Thanks for sharing, Elyse. 
We're expecting some changes to the Community in the coming months so I'm hoping that we can turn around some of the sentiment and get everyone on board with bringing their best, professional selves to this space. 

I can't say we will be as forgiving of future bad behavior moving forward and hope you'll stick around as we clean up this space and make it a bit more enjoyable for those that are invested in making it a collaborative space. 
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Becky - Community Support, Official Rep

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Account, I'm not implying that happy talk and empty promises are going to fix any issues. But I am saying that counterproductive attacks, meanness for the sake of meanness, and lack of professionalism will have repercussions.

This Community is not a space for any customer to project frustrations at my team members or abuse other people. 

Looking forward to all Community members bringing their best selves to this space now and in the future. 
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ACCOUNT, although I appreciate your candor, and your points are exactly on-target, I agree 100% with everything you say and have mirrored the same sentiments in many forums.  Nothing is going to happen with contacts until then.  And as we know, most likely it will slide to Q1 Q2 2021.     Respectfully, maybe give it a rest until Q3 2020.  I will check back in September.   And hopefully, maybe a vaccine COVAD plague will co-inside with RCApp Contacts!  We can only hope :)   Stay safe. 

I just wish they would stop nagging me everywhere I look in RingCentral to download the disfunctional app until it is ready with contacts.
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This still DOES NOT WORK.  I 'upgraded' to the newest version of the desktop app and it is even worse than before.  Contacts DO NOT SYNC.  Even logged in as the super admin for the account you CANNOT CREATE A CONTACT from an IM thread. 

When I started with Ring Central six years ago, they offered an excellent telephony service with a simple FUNCTIONAL contact sync on the phone.  But since GLIP was introduced, even their core function of providing phone access has become unusable.  In order to make things work, everything is a workaround.  It is horrible.

I am going to spend the next six months looking for another provider.  I've been waiting and waiting for Ring Central to get their act together, but it is clear that they are NEVER GOING TO FIX CONTACTS.  I don't understand how a company this big can be so disconnected from the core needs of their customers.  But we have been screaming about this for YEARS and nothing has changed.  It's so depressing.

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