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Hello! My idea is more of a company quality of life feature...
  1. US account 
  2. Engineer consulting firm
  3. After creating a team, adding members, and providing basic information in Glip; the user who created the team now becomes 'Team Admin', and has access to 'Team Admin Options'. These options are rightly different than those options a normal member has when they are either added, invited, or join the team. What if there was a user that was the equivalent to a 'Super Admin' in RingCentral for Glip.
  4. Typical uses of the Glip Super Admin would basically allow them to have access to the same 'Team Admin Options', but for all Teams they join. This would allow for one user to be able to move Teams to different folders as time goes on and update Team Details. Example: We have several folders in use for organization, like Proposals 2018, Projects 2018, Proposals 2019, Projects 2019, etc. Sometimes a user will create a proposal team when pulling together a new job proposal. If the proposal is accepted, it should now be moved from the Proposals 2019 folder to the Projects 2019 folder. Or the proposal won't go anywhere and needs to be archived - both of which can only be done by the Team Admin, one person in a company with many team members with many helping hands.
  5. The benefit of a feature like this is to provide one user, or several users, the ability to assist with Glip organization across-the-board. Doing so would allow my engineers and designers to get the 90% solution done and be helped for he last 10%. Sometimes just starting the team and laying out a general idea of a proposal or project is enough for more users to get the idea and execute what needs to be done, and the last bit of help from some type of global admin to fill the gaps.
  6. We currently have 10 users, not including others that we invite via email.
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Michael Broek

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  • excited to help improve an awesome tool!

Posted 1 year ago

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Julie Sperritt

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I'd agree that this is a very useful feature.  Not only does it make sense not to rely on one person to keep teams updated/tidy (after all reliance on one person to do anything in a business is detrimental) but it would also allow some overall admin to be carried out, for example:

1. If a person is absent for an unpredictable amount of time, work can continue as usual

2. I would go further and say that there needs to be a super admin of Glip that does not necessarily need to be a member of a team so they can set up teams to encourage use and to monitor/delve when necessary in HR cases where Glip may be used unprofessionally.

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Chris Rosa

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Shocking that this isn't a core feature.
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Valentin Grolleau

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A user that was team admin for a public team that he created with no backup team admin got deleted. Now, we're having a really hard time figuring out what to do in order to get the team deleted. Even the API is no use if you are not a team admin.
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Chris Rosa

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Yet another example of why this is important.