Global Setting for Music On Hold

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Maybe I'm missing it, but I can't find any way to make a global change to our music on hold.  We're a music production company, and we want every extension to always have exactly the same music on hold.  When we decide to change it, I don't want to have to update 20+ extensions.  Maybe this is handled with a template, but that seems unnecessarily clunky.  You'd think there would be a global override of some kind in "Company Numbers and Info" where you can specify the hold music for the entire company.
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Posted 4 years ago

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Billy O'Neal

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This would be a great feature and is one my company could benefit from as well.  Currently, you have to use a template to make a global change.  This is only applicable to extensions, not groups.  Groups you must do on an individual basis.
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Mike, Official Rep

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Hello Clay,  Here are the instructions for creating templates as Billy suggested.
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Jeff Carr

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Clay, you are right on with a global change to music and call transfer music on hold. The template is fine for extensions that need to have custom music applied to different extensions, but we are the same as you. We want all of our music to be the same throughout the company.
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Minimax Express

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This is something that should have been done years ago.
We waste hours of valuable time making changes that should be done Globally.
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Basil Babaa

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Need this also please.

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Eduardo Yumet

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Global hold music setting would be amazing and save a lot of man-hours spent on making updates
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Michael Lambert

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Yep, new users and it is confusing why this isn't a native feature. You also need to allow the management of the volume of the connecting/MOH music separate from the phone volume.
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We have over 1700 phones and 240 call queues and yes it would be GREAT if this could be done in 1 location to change the Music on Hold. My company changes the MOH 4 times a year and it would be nice to do it all at 1 time. RC needs to fix this asap I feel.
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Jim Saner

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As a new user to RC I was completely dumbfounded that a global change feature for on-hold music was not already part of the system.  I only have 30 users but changing the custom on-hold music/messaging that we use every month is going to be a huge waste of time!  Please move the development of this feature up!!!!
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Jeff St. John

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Jim if you read in the earlier replies you can apply a template globally to users (extensions) which takes care of most of it. Queues/Groups have to be done individually. I agree with the sentiment though. It'd be nice to handle it all at once.