Group Voicemail with Sequential Notification Options Including Calling.

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1. US

2. Technology company providing back-end support to banking transactions from 8 am through 3 am with normal business hours of 8 am -5:30 pm. 

3. Set up a user to use as a non-phone and non-DID extension so when calling tree is used after hours, an option is available to select a (press 2 for billable after-hours support) billable immediate response can be had within a reasonable time.

4. We have a billable after-hours voice mailbox. Say this is Option 2 in our after-hours IVR menu. When a message
is left in that mailbox with our current system, after 5 minutes, emails a group email (which current system can do immediately only and only once) and calls an outside phone number from a list.

If the person answers, it tells them there is a Billable after-hours voice mail and they can check the voicemail during the call, if they do not answer it leaves them a voicemail saying billable after-hours mailbox has a message they need to check as soon as possible.

This process is repeated with the next person in the list if no one has checked the voicemail after 10 minutes and then again the next person at 15 minutes until either someone has checked the voicemail and it stops notifying or it reaches the end of the listed contacts.

5. There are a couple benefits this setup could provide mostly for companies that are not open 24 hours.

First it provides a priority calling tree from the phone system if an emergency is occurring. This can be set up for employees (or alarm or insurance) to notify senior management there is a problem and we really need someone to respond. 

Second, Companies who contractually are required to support customers if they consent to be billed after-hours time (by selection 2 in the call tree) for it to have a way to notify the staff on-call that an issue needs attention.   Our company only has about 21 employees.  We do not all want to be paged (which is how the current system will do it with SMS or Email) when only 1-3 people are being paid to be on call on a regular basis.  If it goes far enough down the tree exceptions can be made, but most people after the first one or two may not notice a text right away or see an email for a time sensitive issue which most banking issues are. To clarify, the phone piece where it calls to notify is very key to this. It's easy to miss a SMS or an email when your are not at work. Have a way to sequentially go through a list like you can with the active call for notifications will prevent employees who shouldn't be notified from being notified when an issue has come up unless they will be the one responsible to take care of it.  

6. N/A  Did a chat support to ask how to set this up, was informed this wasn't an option and to suggested it here.

7. Currently about 23 lines/DID numbers.
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