Call Queues: allow mixture of call handling (simultaneously and in fixed order)

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In a particular extensions call forwarding section (home, mobile, office), you can set the phones to ring simultaneous or in a fixed order. You also have the ability to group certain numbers such that home + cell ring simultaneous for 4 rings, and failing that, it goes to office numbers.

Now let's talk about Call Queues. The options are simultaneous (to all members), round-robin (to all members), or fixed order (to all members).

What I want is to have a call queue ring our call center first for four rings. They should answer 95% of the time within a ring. But failing that, I don't want the call to go to voicemail. I want it to "escalate" to a level 2 engineer (there are 9 of them). So I created extensions for each of their cell phones. So the call queue has 10 members (the call center extension + 9 extensions for the nine engineer cells).

The trouble is that if I set the Call Queue to simultaneous, all extensions (call center + all engineers' cell) ring at the same time. If I set it to fixed-order, the call center rings first (good!) but then engineer #1 gets any calls after that. Engineer #2 wouldn't be attempted until 4 rings of engineer #1 cell first. This isn't good customer service at all.

What I would like is the "grouping" feature, such that I could set the queue to try the call center first, and then failing that, simultaneously call the 9 engineer cells.

I've tried to nest groups within groups, so that after trying the call center, the first call queue forwards to a second call queue that has all the engineer cells set to simultaneous. But that isn't allowed.

Any ideas?
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I am an implementation advisor for RingCentral and I am frequently working with clients to find work arounds. Here are is an option that I know of, that I would like to offer for consideration.

1st: This is my personal preference, however it does require action on the callers part and there are some factors involved that may not make it feasible. 

Incoming calls flow to the first group which consists of just the front line members, no escalation members or other. Use whichever ringing you want; Rotation, Simultaneous, Fixed. The wait time, queue threshold, etc are set to what you want.

What you would do is record the voicemail greeting to inform the caller that all your agents are busy but if you wish to continue holding, to press 1, 2, 3, 4, etc. What they dial will be based on how may groups you already have in use an if you want the call to flow to the next group. Granted the client has to press a number but it will provide for call overflow.

Please keep in mind how many groups you already have since the system is limited to 1 through 8. (0 and 9 already assigned to Operator and DBN Directory).

Example, you want call flow to go to a front team, we will call it Customer Support. You want to back that team up with another group, we will them Support Backup. If the caller still hasn't been answered, you can create a 3rd group, we will call them Escalation Support. Customer Support (CS) has x1, Support Backup (SB) is x2, and Escalation Support (ES) is x3. 

CS, SB, and ES can use simultaneous or rotation for ringing. Set the call handling, agent availability settings based on your company needs.

The voicemail for CS would state: All our agents are busy, if you wish to continue holding, press 2 now, otherwise you may leave a message at the beep. Pressing 2 while the recording is playing back will transfer the caller to SB. 

The voicemail for SB would state: All our agents are busy, if you wish to continue holding, press 3 now. Which will transfer the caller to ES.

Please note***There is a Interrupt message that can be used but the max time you can set that to before it plays is 1 min which may be too soon. But I believe that recording will allow you to transfer out if you dial an extension but I would recommend you test it first.

You can word the messages any way you want. For example when caller is in SB, the caller has already waited a while, you could say something like: We are sorry for the wait, if you would like to escalate your call, please press 3. Which gives the caller some feeling of urgency on our part to take care of them.