RingCentral Meetings: Hide participants option

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RingCentral Meetings needs to have an option where you can hide the participants from each other. Only the host should be able to see them, and they can only ask questions to the host. Also they would not see how many participants are on the call. This is a good feature for people who have video conferencing webinars and their clients pay to get on the calls. The only person speaking is the host and it's essentially a training.
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Jarrod Guth, Champion

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Posted 4 years ago

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I also consider this a useful feature
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Reverend Deb Phelps

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Yes, I need this for some of my workshops
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Tom Watson

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Yes, this would be a great feature.  I need screen sharing and voice but don't necessarily want all participants knowing who else is on the call.  Please add!
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Massive Bio

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Yes this is a critical feature for an advanced webinar platform. In or meetings or webinars we need to ensure that participants do not see any other participant information or list of participants. Only admins should be able to.
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Joan Baldwin

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My company would also really appreciate having this feature.
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Kate Manolas

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Our company would also like to request this feature.  We would like to hide participants on calls.  
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Andrew Hall

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Would also like to request this feature. We switched from GoToMeeting and Ihad assumed this feature would be included because it's so ubiquitous for these types of apps. Slightly disappointed that it's not an option.
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Jasmine Doyle

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This would be a very useful feature for our organization as well. 
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Saadet, Employee

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Hey Everyone, this option is available in RingCentral Webinar!
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Angel Way

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Why has this been on the thread for 3 years and its still not implemented/ What needs to be done to get this implemented?

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Saadet, Employee

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Hey Angel, this is available with the Webinar feature. 
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my samm

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This does work. Spent 5 hours with support team. No luck. Saadet. Please provide screen shot of "How" the users can turn on this functionality.

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Saadet, Employee

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Hi my samm,

This feature is standard in RingCentral Webinars - it doesn't require you to do anything extra. Check out the KB article I linked above, it will give you more details about Webinar, how it works, & how to purchase the license 
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my samm

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Hi Saadet,

I spent 5 hours with people from RingCentral who were not able to find it.

I clicked the link above and it takes me to the "RingCentral Webinar - Getting Started” Page KB 9380

It is not a page describing what steps to do hide participants.
Please provide the EXACT link and/or provide steps.

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Saadet, Employee

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Hi my samm,

The setting is automatic. You don't have to do anything extra for participants to be hidden from one another.  
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Fernando Lopez

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I just called, and this is still not a feature available for meetings or Webinar. 
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Jen, Employee

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This is a native feature for RC Webinar. Though it does not exist in RC Meetings at this time. 

Participants should only see the following options when in the Webinar 
(*keep in mind that Q&A and Polls may show only if Enabled)

Once a Participant has been promoted to Presenter they can see the following, which looks more like a traditional RC Meeting:

If you are seeing something different. Please make sure you (and your users) are using the most recent version of RC Meetings app (available here: https://support.ringcentral.com/s/download?language=en_US
and that you are actually in a Webinar, and not in an RC Meeting instead. 

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Chad Cassaday

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Good to know we're paying more than all other video conferencing services, and lacking the most features. 

RC- Make this an option for Meetings ASAP.
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Maurice McGeehan

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I agree that this feature should be standard. It cant be hard to implement. There are times for security reasons you wouldn't want everyone in the room seeing members. The host being the only person who can see people.