Hold Music: Allow multiple audio files for hold music, played at random.

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We just migrated a client over to Ring central. Something they asked for that I'm surprised has not been requested more, is the option for hold music to have multiple files, and for those files to randomly play when someone is put on hold. In this instance, they are using a recorded company testimonial as their hold music. They have several files like this, and would like to be able to rotate through them instead of clients hearing the same one over and over again. When I started investigating the options for hold music, I was definitely surprised at the lack there of. I think this could be highly beneficial for our client as well as others.
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Ian Romero

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Posted 3 years ago

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Hello Ian,

There is a way to cycle through them. If you have these files saved you can import them anytime you want. However, there are some requirements for the files to playback clearly. They must be .wav or .mp3 to begin with. And for the best playback, the formatting should be either CCITT u law or PCM.

You can then use a template to import the 'testimonial' of the day to every user all at once. If you need more details about using the template, please reply.

You can also record new ones through the system and download it to apply it as well.
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Ian - this forum counts as your feature request. You are all set!! Thank you
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Very cool idea. I'd like to implement this myself, random testimonials, or even a sequence of testimonials would be way better than the on-hold music we're playing now!
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upload multiple type of hold music
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Nori Sakai

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I was with Vonage (previously Vocalocity) and they have had this ability to randomly play a hold music from a list of 10+ that you upload. Having this is nice for the callers so they don't get stuck witht he same hold music everytime and every caller gets a random hold music from the list. This has been on their service for at least 4 years.
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Tony C

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I would love to see this as a feature as many of our clients would benefit from it.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Hold music.

Randomized Hold Music- Every time someone is on hold they hear the same thing. There should be an option to have randomized songs or continuous play so it is different for a person every time they are on hold.
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Nori Sakai

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Many of us are hoping for that. Not sure why it is so hard when other providers have this option. Since it took them over 30days to setup my account fully and I'm passed the 30day cancellation period I can't cancel and return to vonage without paying a huge charge, basically 3 years worth of phone charges amounting to $24,000. Yes $24,000 US Dollars because Ringcentral rep lied to me. Lesson learned. No more Ringcentral after this and not recommending them to any of the companies I know.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Custom Recordings: Multiple randomized files.

RingCentral should consider allowing multiple files that can be randomized, that way those on hold do not hear the same message every time they are put on hold. 

We are a veterinary clinic and are looking into having hold messages about our practice. There are about 7 short paragraphs in total. We would love to be able to divide those into three separate files, upload them onto RingCentral and choose the option to have them be played at random. This would ensure that our clients are able to eventually hear all of the different messages we have created for them, and not just the first one over and over again.
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It amazes me that Ring Central has still not figured out how to do this.... We have professional on hold advertisements that are roughly 15 minutes in length. If we use them with the Ring Central system, the customer on hold would hear the same 15 seconds of the recording every time they call. Who wants to hear the same 15 second clip, every day, multiple times a day!? If their competition already figured this out, why haven't they???
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being able to have this would be beneficial and keep the hold music fresh.
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Nori Sakai

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So 2 years after submitting and still no update for this feature? Any updates there Ringcentral?
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Saadet - Community Support, Official Rep

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Hi Nori,

Sorry but we still don't have an ETA on if/when this feature may become available
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Brad - CompuSave

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One would think that just allowing a single audio file to loop continuously should be an easy feature to implement.  I know the option of multiple audio files, playing randomly is 1 option, but a single, long, audio file with various messages that loops would give a similar effect.  It just allows customers to hear different parts of your music/message every time they are put on hold.  Somebody please "flip a software switch" for a second until you can come up with a more useful hold music feature.
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You can currently do what you are describing. You can record your own .WAV or .MP3 file and upload it for Hold music. (see my screen shot below)

The big issue that people have is that if a person is on Hold for a minute or less, even more than one minute, every time they call in or if they get placed on Hold again they are hearing the same beginning of the same Hold message.

By being able to randomly play multiple audio files with different messages, the chance of hearing the same message from the beginning each time is greatly reduced.

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Brad - CompuSave

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I guess maybe I just worded things differently than you but that's what I was trying to describe.  So now every time you put someone on hold they hear the beginning of your music/message, but if the message would just loop continuously, they would hear different parts.  We had TalkSwitch and it seemed the music/message "played continually" in the background so if you spoke to a client and put them on hold, they hear 1 part of the message, but if you have a 15 minute cycle and put them on hold again within 5 minutes, they possibly get tuned in part way through another message or music track.  Maybe that makes more sense?  Either way, fix it up RingCentral!
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Are there more options of music from Ring Central to choose from?  If so , where do you find those to download? 
I do think it would be nice and very helpful to be able to add various music files and have them continually loop.
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Saadet - Community Support, Official Rep

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At this time we do not have any other options for music than what is already present. If/when that changes, I will be sure to update this thread :)
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Hold Music Rotation.

We have a request to do the following.

1. Allow multiple .mp3 uploads
2. Allow a rotation of more than one .mp3 upload
3. Allow a random start time for the uploaded .mp3(s)

This will allow the phone system to randomly pick a .mp3 to play as a rotation. This way the end user calling will hear a different song rather than the same one each time. The random start time will allow the end user to hear a different point of the song each time they call.
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Many admins still waiting for this. Marketing is advancing, Tech needs to be able to meet their needs. This is old technology, please catch up.