How to convert call duration to time in Excel

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We export the call detail report to find out how much time is being spent on the phone for various departments. The exported call duration field is a text field with hours, minutes and seconds and there is no easy way to convert the text to a time value.

This text can be converted to a time value in Excel using Visual Basic (VB) script.

Start by exporting the report and opening it in Excel. Once opened, open the VB window using ALT+F11. Right click the name of your worksheet in the upper left hand window [e.g., VBAProject (Book1)"] and select Insert / Module. Click inside the new window on the right.

Paste the following code to create a function that will be used to convert the text:
Function PARSETIME(ByVal value As String)
    Dim arr, str As Variant
    Dim h, m, s As Integer
    arr = Split(value)
    h = m = s = 0
    For Each str In arr
        If Right(str, 1) = "h" Then
            h = Val(Left(str, Len(str) - 1))
        ElseIf Right(str, 1) = "m" Then
            m = Val(Left(str, Len(str) - 1))
        ElseIf Right(str, 1) = "s" Then
            s = Val(Left(str, Len(str) - 1))
        End If
    PARSETIME = TimeSerial(h, m, s)
End Function
Use this like any other spreadsheet function; enter "=parsetime(a2)" into the cell. This will give you a serial number that can be converted to minutes by multiplying it by 1440 (the number of minutes in a day).

I did find the following post here which is similar: How to convert Call logs export to usable data

Hope someone finds this helpful!
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Posted 4 years ago

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Thanks for sharing. I'm sure this will help some somebody!

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I've tried this and get 0 as the answer. For sure it's user error, however, the time is coming out of RC as 00:01:12 (1 minute 12 seconds)...when I use the =parstime function and that cell, it returns 0. Does the data have to be formatted before using the parstime function ??
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At the time, the call duration looked like "1h 14m 42s" which is why the function was needed. To get the time in seconds for the current call duration format ("00:01:12") use the formula: =HOUR(G2)*3600+MINUTE(G2)*60+SECOND(G2)
This assumes the call duration is in the G column, row 2.