How to remove terminated employee & setup desk phone to be used by a future employee.

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Detailed description of Problem:  We have an employee who has left the company.  We would like to remove him from the RC system AND setup the desk phone so that when a new future employee is hired it will be easy to assign the phone to them.  I have not found any clear cut instructions on how to do this so that we will NOT have any issues in the future re-using a desk phone.  

Previous Troubleshooting steps taken:  Have currently disabled the user.  Phone is still connected to this user.....
Software Version:  Current
Number of Users affected:  1
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Posted 2 weeks ago

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Agree it should be more clear, but what I learned from support a couple years back is that you disable the user then delete it.  The number will then be moved to Unassigned and you can set it up 'new' from there.  The only thing lost is the call log etc. from the previous user.  We don't have a huge need to maintain that information but it would be great to somehow be able to retain the logs of the old user before reassigning the number and extension to a new employee.
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Hi Scott, 

For me, when an employee leaves, I convert their phone to a hot-desk phone and it places the company number in unassigned extensions. I then completely remove the termed user account. When a new employee is hired, I contact RC to have the hot-desk phone converted back to an assignable phone (required), then I set it up for the new employee grabbing the number from my unassigned pool. This has been working well for me and it also allows for my travelling employees to "login" to these hot-desk phones when visiting another office. Not sure if you need to have a fully functional phone in place instead of a hot-desk phone for these termed employees.

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Benjamin Pina

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Maybe I'm making it TOO simple..but when we have employee turn over I just delete the email, change the username and password, change the voicemail greeting, and thats it.

Why should it be more complicated than that?

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A concern I would have with your protocol would be that some important unaccomplished or unfinished item or task might be in one of the emails or voicemails in the former employee's account.
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Ah, I see. Whoever the admin on the account is would just have to change the voicemail PIN and someone would have to log in and get those voicemails. Email is another whole topic, but the same thing there. Someone would just have to log in and check the emails.

Just my $0.02 though I guess!
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Thanks for your input everyone! What we suggest is to: 

1) Disable the extension
2) Pull all applicable call logs and other information 
3) Delete the extension 
4) The phone is now in unassigned devices, leaving you to create a new extension and assign to the recently freed up device! 
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To further elaborate on Jessica's bullet #4, when she states you can create a "new extension", since you have deleted the extension in #3 you can now use the same extension again. This will keep continuity in job or department settings (i.e., extension 502 is a person in support and all the 500 series extensions are support extensions and you want to use that same extension over again).
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Benjamin Pina

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If you do what she says, that phone is going to be out of commission until you hire someone/have someone at that desk again. If you do it my way you'll just have a phone there with the name as "Open Desk" and the phone will be totally operational.

Kind of "6 of one half a dozen of the other" but also kind of not. Lol.
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In the case where I don't need another hot desk phone, I do create a temp user account named "Open...." allowing complete phone functionality.
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Like Benjamin pointed out what Jessica said is not our experience. If a user (digital line) has a desk phone assigned and we disable & delete the user, the phone remains attached to the "Unassigned Extension" and can't be reassigned. What we do to get around this is before deleting the extension we find the user's phone record and change phone type to Desktop App (Softphone) - that put's the physical phone in the Unassigned Phones bucket where you can assign it to someone else in the future. It is a very cumbersome process and I wish it were easier or there was an admin toggle that says "Put physical phones in Unassigned Phones when deleting extensions".
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Jessica et al


Before you can use the number, it must be released from the Unassigned Extension in Users > Unassigned Extensions and then choose "delete" at the far right of that screen. This deletes the association and puts the number back into "Auto-Receptionist"  ---- this is the most frustrating thing to have to do when you have thousands of users.    Doing this does not delete the actual DID line -   it merely deletes the association of the line to the "Unassigned User"