How to track spam calls How to get statistics on how many calls we are getting from Spammers

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For the past 3 months, We got  1333 missed calls which is about 45 % of total inbound calls ...  For me as a business owner very important to find out How many spam calls and how many good calls in that 1333 calls. I need exact statistics. Seeing a clear picture I can make my desition on adding an extra staff so we will be not missing calls.
But if all of that 1333 calls are spam then there are no worries about it.
At this moment its critical for us to know statistics. We need exact numbers 
Please HELP !!!
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Posted 2 years ago

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We are a telephone answering service that handles 600+ calls a day and we spend a lot of time weeding out span calls and telemarketers, some of out clients have us just for that purpose. It is hard to actually track what is a spam call and not unless you physically tally each call, that is the only way that you will get a true number. That is what we do because we don't charge clients for calls that aren't really calls. 
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I agree with the previous post. You won’t be able to get statistics on that because you have to answer it to know if it was spam or not.
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Same here. Our company recently put me back as the primary one answering all of our incoming calls. We get 25 to 35 calls per day and I would say that half of those are traffic pumping calls or spam calls.

We have a Google Sheet that we log each call on so that I can go back and mark those that were spam according to our other phone company that we have toll-free numbers through that are routed to our RingCentral phone number. We are working on phasing out that other phone company. When we do, our incoming calls will decrease by half. 

Maybe your team can manually track your incoming calls for a month or so and you can weed some of those out, Alma? It will probably take longer than that. I have been handling all of the telephone systems we have for our team for over three years now on my own and I am just getting the hang of identifying spam and traffic pumping calls. 

I am really sorry for the frustration this is causing you and your team!!
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If Ringcentral would just add Nomorobo to their service, the number of spam calls (which is the MAJORITY of calls our business receives) would drop precipitously.   Verizon Fios includes Nomorobo on their Voip service which I have at home.   In my view, this would be the #1 most useful feature that Ringcentral could add to their service; it would be simple to implement; and I don't understand why they haven't done it yet.

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Note - be careful!! - Nomorobo works with most VOIP services by setting up simultaneous ringing to a Nomorobo number.   The Nomorobo service  works by checking the incoming call number on the first ring and then answers it and hangs up before the VOIP line answers.  You can set this up in RingCentral as a simultaneous ring as well, BUT note that every time the Nomorobo service answers to cancel a spam caller it will be considered an external transfer and RingCentral will auto-charge you another line charge (~$49) as soon as there are more than 10 cancelled spam calls per monthly cycle.   So for each of your lines that you setup Nomorobo on you have the possibility of doubling your line charges - be careful!   Bottom line is that RingCentral needs to add some rules in their system to allow Nomorobo numbers to be used for simultaneous rings and not charge extra, then we could safely use the Nomorobo service.

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Only one correction to your narrative....RingCentral only allows 9 (not 10) incoming and/or outgoing digital calls before the "mobile users" option kicks in. A user would be charged for a digital line (for that month) based on their particular contract as soon as the 10th call is made or received, not if "there are more than 10 ..." . So if they are paying $37.95 per line, they would be charged the $37.95 + tax additionally for that overage for that month.

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You are correct Jan - my wording should have been "...there are 10 or more..." - nice catch.   We continuously get caught and charged with extra lines as our users update any forwarding rules for their calls to be directed to their home line or cell numbers for after hours coverage.  We have had to remove all users access to modify any call handling so that we stop getting extra charges before obtaining our management approvals for additional charged lines for setting up any external call forwarding.   This is off topic for this issue, but this extra charging has greatly hampered how our users can use the RingCentral call handling - basically, we can only use call handling to forward to other RingCentral lines or voicemail, any external fowarding to a users' personal phone lines we get double or triple charged!   For example, we have user that wants simultaneous ringing on their home land line, their wifes cell, and their personal cell, and the RC app - to ensure he never misses a call.  Some months we get charged $49 for his single line, some months we get $49 + $49 +$49 + $49 charges because he answered 10+ calls on each of his devices, all for calls coming into a single RC number!  Does not seem to make any sense.  Sorry for getting off topic - we are obviously not happy with this charging approach. 

Back to the original topic - the Nomorobo service can only be setup and used with RC (and any VOIP) using simultaneous ringing, so we are stuck with paying to use it (via RC extra charges) or don't use it and do the manual tracking and possibly use the "block number" features of RC after the fact?

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