How to Unblock from desktop - Help is not helpful

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I have been searching for over an hour trying to do something that should be simple and easy to find.

I want to UNBLOCK a number from the desktop app on my mac.
I can find articles on how to do this from the phone app, but not from the desktop app.

So this frustration leads me to this rant.
Each time I  go on vacation or close for a holiday, or try to do anything with RC, I have to call support to find out how to do it. You see, you guys are experts and you do this stuff every day. But every day I have my day job and I don’t have TIME to become a phone system expert. And I don’t want to be one, I already have a job. So I should be able to do what I need to do quickly and easily without having to call support or wade though endless “help” articles, many of which have screen shots that are old and not of the current desktop.

PLEASE, implement something that makes common tasks easy to do without wading through endless menus trying to find the right one. And please purge the help system of all the old irrelevant articles. 
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Jon Payne

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Posted 2 years ago

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Rob LaRose

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Hi Jon,

  I can't comment on how easy/hard it is for non-phone-system-admins to accomplish things with RC.  In my experience, the documentation is about 50% out of date, but even the out of date stuff usually gets me close.

   Specifically to your question on how to unblock a number, I see the Blocked Numbers list in Preferences -> Calls -> General.  I can add blocked numbers here and click the 'x' next to them to clear the block.

   Hope that helps.
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Hey Jon,

It's actually pretty simple, here's a screen shot:

I understand that it can be frustrating to find certain articles. We are currently in the process of making our Self-Help tools better so, please, bear with us.
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Jay Nichols

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Having spent quite a bit of my time writing users guides for systems from simple to complex aerospace system, it's very easy for the developers/experts to know how to do what they've built.  But without looking at it from a layman's (read "idiots"  as in Idiots Guide to ....) point of view, the instructions make perfect sense to them.  I've found that bring in the end user during the development helps immensely.  And bringing the "idiot" off the street to try and follow the instructions will show where the flaws are.  I have the same frustration with RingCentral.  The instructions are often out of date and trying to follow them ends up in a lot of wasted time trying to figure out which way to go (Click on "Widget" when "Widget" isn't even an option!).  I've resorted to phone calls as my online help.  And often it takes 30 minutes or more for the tech to figure out how to do what I need done.  There are too many nooks and crannies for switches and commands to over ride the primary function.  Ring Central doesn't follow the KISS rule very well.
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Peach Brinkley

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Saadet, It seems you answered Jon's question pretty well. Can you do the same for me?
I want to unblock a number for our entire system using the desktop web page. I am signed in to the web page as Admin and usually keep the call log open. I call easily block a number from the system using the call log, but how to I get a list of system blocked numbers to unblock one? Why is the button for that not on the same page as the one I used to block the number in the first place, i.e. the call log page?
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Hey Peach Brinkley,

I've forked your question into its own thread so I can show you a few things and gather more info :)

Please reference the new conversation here: Unblock Phone Number