HUD: Add status of "Accept Call Queue Calls".

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In HUD, we would like to see both the Agent presence (available, busy, DND, Invisible) and their Accept Call Queue Calls (enabled, disabled) so that we can see the number of agents we have in a queue who are really available to accept calls. While a supervisor might be able to see this information in Live Reports, the agents in the queue want to know the status of their peers.

1. Account type: US
2. Description of the business: Business marketing organization
3. Feature description: Above
4. Use cases: a) Supervisor wants quick visibility to the number of agents available to take calls; b) Agents want to know the status of their peers so that they can determine if they can remove themselves from the queue (for break, special project request, etc.) without degrading support levels.
5. Benefits: Currently we don't know if we have agents in the status required to accept a call. In essence, we're flying blind.
6. Case numbers: None.
7. Number of users: ~90.
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Posted 3 years ago

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Amy Fike

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I agree. This feature would be very beneficial. Our office is small and have a limited number of call queue employees. Currently since we are unable to determine when someone has removed themselves from a call queue it is possible for all our employees to remove themselves from the queue at the same time. In the event that would occur our clients are left unsupported for the duration of time the queue is abandoned. The sooner this feature is released the more comfortable we will feel using RingCentral services.
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Laura Green

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I would also like to see this done, without it it defeats the purpose of showing who is available for calls.
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Ben Price

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We have the same situation, and really would like to (and need to) see this done.  We have a limited number of call que employees, so the ability to see who is logged in and accepting calls to the que in some version of the HUD would not only be helpful, we feel like it's really important!
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Christine Massone

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We also have the same interest in this feature.  Currently, if we go into the phone system > groups and click on the drop down arrow; the refresh status is not dynamic; it does not refresh in real time; It would be best to see this in the HUD
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Bob Huff

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I just had this issue with everyone in my company, it is a serious design flaw like allowing users to dictate company policy. This should not be allowed and it needs to be controlled through the admin portal. This should be a high priority item for development. I should not have to have my users log into their accounts to get calls when they have phones on their desks.
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I agree this is needed. Currently we have each person in any call queue add their peers to their HUD so they can see the best view of their status. Then we have them go "invisible" when they cannot take calls, including the end of the day. No other Ring Central users are taught to use the Invisible setting. This helps but is not perfect and it not as clear as the way they used to see it where each call queue was shown with who was "logged in" or "logged out" .
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Joanne Brown

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I agree with this - it makes so much sense to not only see if people are available but if they are logged in or out. 

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Is there anything that has changed yet to help us with this situation? I am training a new receptionist who came from a different company and she agrees and finds this way kind of a crazy way to find out who is available to take queue calls and who is not! 
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Saadet, Employee

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Hey Rhonda, currently this isn't on the roadmap. But if that changes I'll let you all know!
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Ben Price

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Three years of comments and waiting and "isn't on the roadmap."  Very frustrating.  
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Matt Finn

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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Call Queue Phone Call Indicator Lights.

We are a law firm based in the US that would like to have the desk phone/ RingCentral Phone HUD indicator lights change when they receive an external call. Right now the indicator lights only turn red when a person is on a call they initiated or when answering a call that was transferred to them by another staff member. We would like it to where, when a caller calls in from outside the office, that the indicators for the people in our call queue turn red so that we can see who is on a phone call at all times and who is answering incoming calls.
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Josh Hartsell

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This feature seems to be one that is an obvious must add for supervisors. Beyond just seeing their queue/availability status, I would appreciate the ability to modify for users that are under my supervision. Coming from a Mitel system, this is built into their system for operators.