IDEA: List Serve to alert RC system admins of outages or performance issues so we are not the last to know that there is a problem.

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Develop a system to let Sys Admins know when RC is experiencing an issue so that we can head off the avalanche of emails, VMs, TXTs and calls. We should not be the last to know. There should be much more transparency with the RC system for site admins.
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Posted 2 years ago

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For sure, push notifications are a must. I'm not going to keep a service screen up for RC all day.. There is no reason this info shouldn't be pushed out.


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Excellent idea.
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I do receive bulletins from RingCentral, including one regarding today's issue from with a subject of "Initial - RingCentral has detected an event" (see below for content).  I am not sure how to sign up for this list or for other bulletins, but I think what you are requesting might already be available.


Some customers may be experiencing technical difficulties with the RingCentral service at this time. We are investigating further. Thank you for your patience in this matter.

Start Time:

7:15am Pacific

What to do:

Please open a case on the Customer Success Site, click here.


What to expect:

RingCentral engineers are assessing cause of the event.  You will be provided with status updates and will receive notification upon resolution of the event.

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We signed up for notifications and got the email as well. Because RC requires us to authenticate to log an issue or even to see the service status, both of those options were unavailable and customers were forced to use the Community to have a dialog or get information. My thought is that at least the service status page should be available without authentication so that it is always available and easy to access.
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Agreed.  I get texts and e-mails asking me to use the status site, and it's crazy that you have to log in and see the status beyond what shows at the top of
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Valuable and useful suggestion!
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This is my problem with all of these service type organizations.  We have a paging system for our doctors and the office.  Until I complained to the CEO (whom I know personally), we were not getting notices of outages.  There is a "let's fix it before anyone notices" attitude which needs to be changed to "It's broken, we're working on it" attitude.  I guess my years as a project manager, I expect more from the people who work for me.
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Services like these get measured by Gartner etc. for uptime and I think that potentially affects their interest in reporting service interruptions.  We see it with a number of online services and portals we use.  The only one that appears to be a polar opposite is Office 365, where it seems that on a daily basis I see a notification that they are investigating some sort of service issue.  On that end, it becomes 'white noise' because we are not seeing any issues at the time they are reporting it.

It definitely would benefit us as admins if there was more transparency.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Looking for RingCentral to provide alert/notification service which will text me ....

Looking for RingCentral to provide alert/notification service which will text me when it detects a problem with the RC service. I would much rather find out from RC early, than to find out from our employees through tickets. Please build this.
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RC does offer a text notification for just one person per account. I had that directed to my mobile phone since we had to pick just one number to text to. It was good to get an alert, however the hourly SMS messages saying "we are monitoring the service and there are no issues" made it hard to sleep through the night (my family was on vacation of course). I would prefer to get an initial alert, an alert with further details where it makes sense, and an It's Fixed alert when they think the service is restored. I would prefer to not get any alerts that have no change in status....
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To our dear friends at RC:
Ongoing Issues and NO Communication.

After realizing that our Win softphone is not working fully I Googled the my query and eventually discovered that 8.0.6 is not longer supported and must be upgraded as of yesterday.
Did RC inform it's customers???

We have had ongoing issues with Chrome extension. 
Did RC reach out to customers to explain/address the issues?

I checked the RC status page, seems there is a known issue but the site itself seems not be working properly and no details were forthcoming. 
Did RC consider telling us there are know issues, at least in general terms...?

I keep getting an invite from RC for  
"Maximizing Value Webinar: Tips for delivering a superior customer experience with RingCentral integration"

Maybe a look in the mirror is in order before trying to teach others?

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Yes!  Please!!!  We Admins would like to know so we can try to head off a lot of our users contacting us about the system being down! 
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This is a requirement for any system used within an organization.  This should be one of the highest priorities for Ring Central to develop.  Its really kind of appalling that this doesn't exist.