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All major cell carriers support an email address scheme in which anybody can send a message to <phonenumber>, and the text in that email message will be translated to an SMS/MMS and delivered to the recipient. For example, to send a text to a Tmobile phone, you would email a message to <phonenumber>, and for a verizon phone it is <phonenumber>
We would like to have an email addressing scheme implemented in which any email address can send an email message which is converted to a text message and delivered to our RC users via their RC softphone as a regular SMS message.
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Posted 3 years ago

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This would be a great feature. I don't know how much we would use it, but it would be nice to have the ability.
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This would be a great addition.
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Yes,  this would be great to have this maybe in 2 versions:
1) for RC phonenumbers, the format of for receiving texts from non-RC email users  (which is what I believe this original idea is referring to)

And also,
2) for non-RC phonenumbers, the same format of for sending texts to non-RC numbers from a registered RC user's email address (similar to how for faxes is verified)
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I agree, our POS supports SMS reminders, would be a great feature for ringcentral to support. thanks
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Email to SMS is important, especially to the IT people that support the phone users.
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I was surprised to discover this isn't already part of the core infrastructure of RC.   


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Every other carrier has this. Why does RC need to vote to add something so common?
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Send email to ringcentral number and get as text.

I want to be able to send a text to my ringcentral account by sending an email to my phone number.

I can do this to my Verizon phone.  I can send an email to

Can I do this with my RingCentral number?
This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled send email as text message.

US Account, we do tutoring for students in kindergarten through 12th grade.  We have a service that wants to send us automated texts, but they send emails as text.  They wanted to know our gateway.  I inquired with you, and was told that is not a feature.  For example, you can send an email to an AT&T mobile number by emailing, for example, and that will show up as a text.  So, if we could set up an email to text gateway that would be helpful.

We have a couple of digital lines.
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This is definitely needed

Any updates on this?  Anyone reached out to support lately?
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled SMS Email Address Feature.

I know this has been asked before in previous posts but I was just with Support and they suggested that I post this here...I would love to take make my ring central more convienent . The system on my Website needs to have an SMS gateway address to function correctly
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For a call queue the system can send an SMS if a call is missed.  Why isn't RingCentral one of the choices to send the SMS to?  I'm guessing it is related to this feature request.  Please make this a priority.
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Agreed, hopefully it is something that is implemented sooner than later
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Yes most sites with automated text abilities require this. We need it as well.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled send emails to RC numbers e.g sending email to tmobile user is 1234567899@tmomai....

how to send emails to RC numbers for e.g to send an email to a tmobile user you would enter the user's number like this or to ATT user is
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Stout - yes, but how would you send an SMS to a RC phone?  What is the domain?
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Lee L
Can you kindly reword your question?  I'm not sure I understand what you are asking?

For example,
we have been receiving  sms texts to our RC phone via the desktop app and also via the mobile phone app

As a suggestion was made above in a previous answer
maybe RC can prepare us the solution of a domain for emailTOtext, (  
which is similar to the one RC already provides us for faxTOtext, (

First step, one would download the apps of your choice. 
The desktop app can be downloaded and fully functional on your desktop, laptop and/or tablets.
The mobile app can be downloaded and fully functional on your mobile phones.

The apps can be downloaded from but not limited to, THE  Google Play store, The Apple Store
and most definitely from RC's website,

In addition, RC has provided  "HOW TO" videos/tutorials  on

The apps are an interface of your/our ring central dial pad PLUS PLUS PLUS so many more useful features.

When out of office or away from the desk phones, or just primarily governed by the use of mobile phones over any other, one can receive and make calls almost just as effectively from the mobile phone app. 

Working primarily in the field,
One of the Best mobile phone app features we have found is
the ability to have all outgoing calls originating from the mobile phone apps display our primary business phone number as though we are still in the office.
All incoming calls from clients are set up to ring at the office desk phone, and on our mobile apps either simultaneously or sequentially.
Never do we have to reveal our personal mobile phone numbers to our clients.
This has all been streamlined to ONE known business number, regardless of where we are or where we choose to originate the calls from.!!!
Yea yea, there are some glitches, since it works via wifi or mobile carrier's data but hopefully, RC will make this get better soon.   

Three-way conferencing is even now available from the mobile phone app which wasn't when we first joined RC.

Our faxes, we can receive, read, send directly from the mobile phone apps !

Honestly, RC just gets better...( we do hope it can get better FASTER though, lol)

We wish you all the best,
Hope these tips and info helps. 
Feel free to call for verbal assistance Wednesdays only 1pm-2pm EST

Kind regards,
Tel# 443-REALTOR
Tel# 443-7325867
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Lee L was simply asking what the domain name was for sending an text to an RC Phone via an email. The domain name is the portion of the email after the @ sign. You gave examples in your post of T-Mobile's and AT&T's email addresses with their domains (i.e., and respectively). Lee L wants to know that portion of RingCentral's SMS functionality.

@Lee L, to answer your pervious question succinctly, that is currently not a function of RIngCentralSMS/MMS. You cannot send an SMS message via an email to a RingCentral phone.
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can we email to text yet with ring central numbers? Id like my webpage to give me alerts on my ring central number when a new lead is filled out in order to do that I need a "" to be available, please advise. 
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Sorry. Not at this time, Alber. 
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where is the dislike button for this comment :(
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As a business who refers a lot of clients to ring central, I need this to be an active feture ASAP as we are an answering service that relies on this type of features to get our clients their messages.
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Still no feature? We are looking into using a 3rd party, but would much rather use Ring Central.