Incoming Caller Information, show both Incoming Caller ID and Called Number

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We have multiple telephone numbers that call into our main sales team. Each need to be answered differently, but we also want to capture the caller ID. The display on the Polycom VVX601 is big enough to show both numbers clearly, could this be added as a feature?
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Posted 3 years ago

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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Display BOTH Caller ID & Called Number - Ring Central Mobile App.

Please update the mobile app (iOS) to show BOTH Caller ID, Caller Number, as well as the number that is being called immediately upon receiving a call. 

The call log is not a solution because this requires me to be on my computer. Instead, when I receive a call to the mobile app whereever I am, I would like to immediately know which line the customer is calling (i.e. Called Number) and information that will help me identify the caller (i.e. Caller ID and Caller Number). 

Right now, when I receive a call to the mobile app, the most frequent display is "TORONTO, ON" which gives me know information about who is calling and what line they are calling. 
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Danny... running into this situation now. I just voted it up.  We'd like both called number and caller ID to show on desk phones. 
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I'd like something like this where it shows me the extension they are calling, and the number that is calling in.
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You need to adjust the settings for each Call Queue. Click on the name of the call queue, click on "call handling & members", click "Display Settings" and you should see the Call Information Displayed with two dropdown menus you can select from. To see incoming caller ID number and to see which extension or queue they called, these dropdown menus need to be set at: "CallerID Number" for one and "Queue Name" or "Queue Extension" depending on how your business is set up for the other. Be sure to click save after making these changes. Hope that helps!
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This is fine if you are using Call Queues, but they have limitations on flexibility on call handling. If you want to have calls flow to an operator and then if not answered to a group of phones, for each user there is an option to have EITHER Caller ID or Called Number. This is silly, why not BOTH, there is plenty of room on PCs/Mobiles and I guess on a desk phone choose which has a higher priority to be displayed if no room. And further, each number can be given a NAME, why not display the Name instead of the called number.
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This was raised 2 years ago, we have just started with RC and it is still an issue, and yet it can't be that hard to fix. There is an option to see either Caller ID or Called Number, surely seeing BOTH is not that hard (When call queue is being used the queue name and caller ID/Name are displayable). Further since phone numbers can be given a name, why is there no option to display the called Name. Ideally I want to see the name of the number called and the CallerID when answering so our staff can give a sensible greeting.
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Hi Andrew,

All of our soft clients and physical phones display the CallerID Number on the second line when the call is connected.   The Call Queue Display Settings feature allows for customization of which fields are displayed on the first line.   The typical use case is to display Queue Name + CallerID Name on the first line, so members know which type of call they are answering (from queue name) and how to greeting the caller (from CallerID Name).  Assigning and displaying Phone Number Names is helpful when the same call queue members answer different call types (e.g. Phone Number 1 is named "West Apartments" and Phone Number 2 is named "East Condos" and both calls are answered by the same 'Sales' call queue).  Can you describe other use cases where Phone Numbers need to be assigned Names that are displayed?
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Hi George,

My requirement is that when the phone rings (we use soft clients) either on PC or Mobile, I want to know who is calling (CallerID) and which number they called. I also want to setup our Auto receptionist so that a nominated extension (the operator) gets the call at first, but if not answered, or if busy, the ringing is transferred to other extensions. But when this transfer occurs, the callee (extension being called) can see clearly the same info (who is calling, who did they call).

Using Call Queues seems to address the desire for clarity as to who called and which number they called. But there does not appear to be a way of having the queue directed to one extension, but if not answered after a few rings, direct it to another?

Using the default functionality (direct the non DDI numbers to auto-receptionist, then set the auto-receptionist to call a specific "operator" and set the operator extension to transfer calls to a group of phones does not provide an option for both CallerID and Number Called (it seems to be one or the other). And furthermore the line number can be given a name, but the name is not an option for display when the phone rings.
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So this idea says "Implemented" next to it but I don't see a way to do this without using Call Queues.  Am I missing something or have Call Queues been updated to be more flexible?
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The call queue display settings is the way to customize the information displayed to  members.