Integrate RingCentral Meetings with Calendly

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If you would like to see RC Meetings integrate with Calendly, please vote!
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Saadet, Employee

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Posted 1 year ago

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Dylan Cleppe

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Our company needs something whether it is Setmore Appointments, Acuity, or Calendly integrated directly into RC Meetings. Whose all integrate with our G Suite system as well as Zoho CRM.
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Given the Zoom <> Calendly integration, I would think this should be a pretty straightforward thing to execute with RCMeetings now.
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Kyle Keesling

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I would love to see this to0 - I second Nolin's comment - now that Zoom works with it I'd love to see how we can make this happen.

Sometimes it just seems easier if they were to stop using the white-label version and let us just use Zoom directly :)
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I agree Kyle, if we could have access to Zoom Directly it would be much easier.
This is the link to the Zoom announcement of the Calendly integration

Hope RingCentral can sort out a integration with Calendly soon :) 

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+1 Matthew, Kyle, and Nolin 
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Dennis Kyle

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Hi we are partner of RC. We contacted Calendly development team. They seem to be unaware that RC Meetings is actually Zoom. Someone at RC Meetings product team needs to reach out to Calendly and explain that the API functionality is very similar. Calendly is not aware how much of the total Zoom market is made up of RingCentral Meeting customers. This is an urgent matter for us as we are now fighting an additional issue of moving to RC Meetings.
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David Lee, Official Rep

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Thanks Dennis.  Who's your contact over at Calendly?  Can you pass us the contact info?
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Dennis Kyle

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Hi David,

I chatted with Maddie Reasoner but the email correspondence was from I don't have her direct connection.
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Hello David, 

Did you manage to make contact with Calendly? 
Has there been any progress at all? 

Please view the same request on the Calendly Community -

Let's make this happen!! 
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Mike Gustavson

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This would be such a huge feature for us - we use Calendly extensively, and the new native Zoom integration looks really slick.

It would save so much time being able to book meetings automatically that way - and should be really easy to implement now that the Zoom integration is done.
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Rod L

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Elliott Brown

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A Calendly integration would be awesome... but we wouldn't even need it (I don't think) if you offered a static meeting URL for each RC Meetings user. Another idea...

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Kyle Keesling

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You can already create a personal meeting ID that's static, which is what I currently do, but you have to remember to lock your meeting once everyone joins or a random person can jump in. You gotta dig for the lock feature, at least on Mac - it wasn't very easy to find.
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Elliott Brown

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Thanks! I'm just figuring it out... the positioning on it is pretty wonky. Cheers!
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Paul Cox

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A Ring Central Meeting / Calendly integration is exactly what we need. Currently we send out Calendly links to our customers and allow them to book in with us but would like to be able to auto generate the Ring Central meeting details in the invite.
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James Wayne

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I would also love to see this integration, especially given that RC Meetings appears to be in almost all ways simply a repackaged version of Zoom (that is already integrated with Calendly). If the two companies could get in touch, I'm sure that this would be an easy win for the pair.
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Jeremy Stayton

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Yes please -- this is exactly what I'm hoping for.
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Hernan Vera

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Sooner the better for this. Will help Zoom, RingCentral and Calendly all grow and retain revenue. Tut suite brothers and sisters...
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Cheli Cervera

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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Please allow a Calendly app integration with the RC calender. Would make organiza....

Hello, it would be great if one of the integration apps added could be "calendly." I use this app to book appointments with my team and clients. It would be great if Calendly was integrated with RC and my calendly appointment showed up on my RC calender.
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Nigel Taylor

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Agree with all of the above. This integration would make life much easier.
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Roderick Robeson

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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Does RingCentral integrate with Calendly?.

Does RingCentral integrate with Calendly? Or does RingCentral have its own calendar system where others can schedule meetings that is set up like Calendly? I know RingCentral has its own calendar system that can integrate with Office365 which would work for us but does it have the option to add a questionnaire for others to answer before scheduling the meeting? What about taking payments? I'm with a CPA firm where clients have to pay to set up meetings or put a deposit down before the meeting is set up is there an option for this with RingCentral meetings?
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Luke Schulta

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We also need something like Calendly but need it to integrate with RC webinars (not only RC meetings) so we have the polling features etc.
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Craig O'Neill

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Saadet, as a veteran user of zoom and Calendly, I have to insist on this feature.

I work in software and am very sensitive to the labor required when clients make feature requests, particularly involving integrations.  If this wasn't truly useful, I wouldn't suggest it.

Zoom and Calendly allow for clients to make appointments by clicking on my available times and answering a few questions.  Upon registering for a meeting, the link is generated from Zoom and an invite with that link is emailed to the client, and pops onto my google calendar.

It saves countless steps and prevents any missed appointments.

Currently, with RingCentral, I'd have to create a specific meeting and build that into calendly.  This is a problem, as I'd have to run the risk of random people having a link out there and joining a meeting in progress.  

Zoom is gradually building phone system credibility.  While they are not at RC level yet, when they are, that Calendly integration by itself will have me looking to switch back to them.

Arguably... this is the ONLY pain point I can identify with my current progress in implementing RC.  Everything else has been fantastic.

Thank you.
This needs to happen! Why is this so difficult? Zoom already integrates with Calendly.
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Michael Catullo

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Coming from Zoom, the ability to schedule through Calendly with unique ID's has become critical to my day to day operations. I really like using Ring Central and find some your other integrations to be very helpful. With Calendly integration Ring Central would be the perfect solution.   
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Jesse Flynn

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Yes we in the group training session for Avaya love this idea!! :)